SAP BW Tutorial – SAP BI/BW Training Tutorials

SAP BW Tutorial – Free SAP BI/BW Training

SAP BW Tutorial – Free SAP BI /BW Training Tutorials for beginners and professional learners. Learn SAP BW starting from basics concepts including Architecture, Data Warehousing, BW modelling, Data flow, Info Objects, InfoPackage, InfoCube, Master Data loading, reports, Interview questions.

SAP BW stands for Business Information warehouse, which is also known as SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse. It is a corner store of SAP strategic enterprise date warehouse solutions which runs on industry standard RDBMS systems like Oracle, SQL, etc. SAP BW delivers reporting analysis and interpretations of business data that is crucial to preserve and hence competition edge of companies by optimizing the process and enabling them to reach quickly to meet market opportunities.

SAP BW is a data warehouse solution developed by SAP A.G. The data warehousing system enables the enterprise in reporting and analysis for better decision making.

SAP BI/BW Versions 

VersionReleased Year
SAP BW 1.2AOctober 1998
SAP BW 1.2BSeptember 1999
SAP BW 2.0AFebruary 2000
SAP BW 2.0BFebruary 2000
SAP BW 3.xOctober 2001
SAP BI 7.xJuly 2005
SAP NetWeaver BW2009
SAP BW 7.32010
SAP BW 7.4 on SAP Hana2012

What do you learn through this SAP BW Tutorial

  • Basics concepts of SAP BW
  • Real time SAP BIW interview questions.
  • How to configure SAP BW system
  • Real time BW project scenarios and issues

SAP BW Training Syllabus

  1. What is SAP?
  2. What is ERP?
  3. What is BI (Business Intelligence)?
  4. Architecture of SAP BW
  5. Data Marting & Data Mining
  6. Data Warehousing Work Bench
  7. Create flat file source system
  8. Create InfoArea
  9. What is administrator workbench
  10. Types of Source Systems
  11. Types of InfoObjects

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