Steps to Create an Apex Trigger

An Apex Trigger can be created for any of the Object types.

In this tutorial, we shall learn step by step process to create an Apex Trigger for Contact Object.

To create an Apex Trigger from Salesforce Developer Console, follow the below step by step process.

1. Open Developer Console

Navigate to Salesforce Developer console from Salesforce Login.

Salesforce Developer Console

2. New Apex Trigger

Click on File menu item. Hover on New in the drop-down list. Click on Apex Trigger.

Create new Apex Trigger in Salesforce

3. Trigger Name and sObject Selection

Once you click on Apex Trigger, a small pop-up window appears.

Provide name and Select sObject for Apex Trigger

We need to provide a name to the Apex Trigger and also select a sObject on which we are going to set the trigger.

Apex Trigger Window

Click on Submit.

4. New Apex Trigger Created

A new Apex Trigger is created with the following default code in a new window of Developer Console.

trigger ValidateEmailTrigger on Contact (before insert) {

By default, the Apex trigger shall be created for before insert trigger event.


In this Apex Tutorial, we learned to create a new Apex Trigger for a sObject. In our next tutorial, we shall learn how to write Apex Trigger for before insert event.