Why Salesforce CRM is #1 on Demand

Salesforce is the worlds #1 on Demand on Cloud CRM. But why Salesforce CRM is #1 on demand CRM. Salesforce.com delivers continuous innovative technology to it’s customers. Salesforce CRM is the product of Salesforce.com Inc Corporation company and Co-founded by Marc Benioff. Salesforce.com received its sixth consecutive Codie award for “Best CRM Solution”.

 Salesforce CRM Features

  • CRM Product of Salesforce.com Inc Corporation Company.
  • It’s Co-founded by Marc Benioff.
  • Continuous Innovation.
  • Successful Customers.
  • International Reach.
  • Family of Solutions.
  • On-Cloud and On-Demand CRM.
  • Standard Applications and Customisations : Standard applications are available in salesforce.com, we can customise standard applications and the level of customisation depends upon the clients requirement.
  • Force.com platform : Using Force.com platform we can build number our own custom applications and deliver to the client. And it is easily integrated with other On-premise and On-Cloud applications.
  • Easily Integrated to other on-premise/on-cloud applications.
Why Salesforce CRM is #1 on Demand

Different Career paths in Salesforce

When we talk about salesforce there are three different Career paths they are

  1. Administrator.
  2. Developer.
  3. Consultants.

Salesforce Administrator

 Administrator is a person who maintains Salesforce organisation, who deals the user, who deals with the profiles, who deals with security settings and many more.

  • Administrator handles the Servers.
  • Maintains the refresh.
  • Administrator handles the data.

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developer is a person who develops the Application and customise the applications.

Salesforce Consultant

Consultant is a person who understands the Business and convert the functional requirements in to technical specifications. Consultant is the person who stand between Technical team and the business.