How to create user status profile in SAP

In this SAP tutorials, you will learn how to create user status profile in SAP step by step using tcode “OK02”.


SAP R/3 Role MenuCreate user status profile
Transaction CodeOK02
SAP Menu PathSPRO > Project System > Structures > Operative structures > Work breakdown structures > WBS user status > Create status profile.

Configuration Values

Status ProfileTextLanguage
SP00001Project def. status profileEN
SP00002WBS element status profileEN
SP00003Network status profileEN

Configuration steps

create user status profile tcode

Step 1 : – Execute toode “OK02” from SAP command field.

Step 2 : – From change status profile overview screen, choose create tab to create new status profile in SAP project systems.

change status profile SAP

Step 3 : – Now a pop up window called new entry opens, update the following details.

  • Status Profile : – Enter the key that defines as user status profile in SAP system, you are allowed to enter up to 7 digits alphanumeric key for status profile.
  • Text : – Enter the descriptive text of user status profile.
  • Maintenance Language : – Update preference language as EN (English).
create user status profile in SAP

Choose save icon and save the configured stats profile in SAP system.

Similarly create other status profiles of SP00002 & SP00003 by using configuration steps. After creation of status profiles, you can the list of configured profiles from overview screen.

Status profiles SAP PS

Double click on status profile key and update all the required details like status number, status, short text, initial status, lowest status no, highest status no, position and priority.

Status profile user status

Now choose save icon to save the data, system prompts a message as “Assign Pbject Type” choose yes option.

Assign object type SAP

On change status profile allowed object types screen, choose the check fields of allowed object types.

allowed object types SAP

Successfully we have defined new user status profile in SAP PS.