What is SAP PS (Project Systems) Module

SAP Project systems module (SAP PS) is an integrated project management tool that monitors all aspects of your project system and other SAP application components. SAP PS ensures that organization’s business process are to be handled efficiently and quickly. It can handle both small scale and large scale projects of an organization.

In business scenario, everything is viewed as a project. Projects are generally complex, unique and involve a high risks. The managing of project with efficiently comes from having the right information available when it is needed as well as implementing an automated data processing to deal with project.

What exactly SAP project systems do?

SAP PS helps in planning, controlling and collects cost and revenues through structures (WBS). The important functionality of SAP PS module is to manage all stages of project very efficiently from planning stage to completion stage.

SAP PS Integration

SAP PS module is fully integrated with other SAP R/3 modules such as SAP HCM (Human Capital Management), SAP SD (Sales & Distribution), SAP PP (Production Planning), SAP PM (Plant Maintenance), SAP FICO (Financial Accounting), SAP IM (Investment Management), SAP MM (Material Management) and with various SAP R/3 applications. The integration of PS with other modules enables to plan and execute all the tasks associated with a project. Through integration ,PS module can access the data from the departments involved in a project and provides consistent real time data.

SAP PS Project system Module integration

SAP Project systems components

The important components of SAP project systems module are

  1. Structures
  2. Cost
  3. Dates
  4. Resources
  5. Materials – MRP, BOM
  6. Project Versions

Organizational Structure of Project

The SAP PS module does not have its own organizational structure, and it uses organizational units of logistics and accounting by means of assignment.

SAP PS Organization structure

Phases in a Project

SAP Project systems phases

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