Steps to Add People to JIRA Scrum Board

Follow these steps to add people to JIRA Scrum Board.

Step 1: Project Settings

Login to the Scrum board and click on Project Settings.

JIRA Scrum - Click on Project Settings

Following Project Settings page loads.

JIRA Scrum - Project Settings - People

Step 2: Add people

The People page looks as shown below. If there are no people added to the JIRA Project yet, you will get a message that “There is no one in this project”. We can add people to this JIRA Scrum Board by clicking on the Add people button present on the top right corner.

JIRA Scrum - Project Settings - People page

When you click on Add people button, following window appears as a pop up.

JIRA Scrum Board - Add People

Now, you can type a name, group or email address.

If you type a name, it will search in the list of team members you added while creating the JIRA Project.

Or you can also type an email address to add people to JIRA Scrum Board.

In this tutorial, we will try with two scenarios of typing a name and the other with an email address.

Type a name

When you type a name, suggestions start appearing as a list and you can choose from it.

JIRA Scrum Board - Add people using name

Type an email

You can also type an email. After you type the email completely, select the email that appears in the list below the text field.

JIRA Scrum Board - Add People - Email

Now choose the role. By default, Administrators role will be present in the drop down. Select it and click on Add button.

JIRA Scrum People

Step 3: Email Invitation

If you are already added as member while creating project, you will be automatically added to the project.

Or else, you will see an INVITED button next to the name. An email would be sent to the mail as shown below.

JIRA - Add People - Email Invitation

Click on Join them now. As you joining for the first time, you would be asked to provide your name and set a password for enabling login to the JIRA Project.

JIRA - Add people - Join your team

If you refresh the people page after this sign up process by the team members, you would see similar like in the below screenshot.

JIRA People Page


In this JIRA Tutorial, we learned to add members to the JIRA Scrum Board.