Steps to Create Sprint in JIRA Scrum Board

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a Sprint in JIRA Scrum Board.

Make sure you have one or more issues. If not, create issue in JIRA Scrum Board.

Step 1 – Create Sprint

Login to your JIRA Scrum Board. Click on Create sprint button.

JIRA Scrum Create Sprint

Step 2 – Plan your sprint

Once you click on the Create sprint button, Plan your sprint box appears as shown below.

JIRA Scrum - Plan your Sprint

You can drag and drop issues present below to Plan your sprint box.

JIRA Scrum - Add issue to Sprint

Once you drop it on the plan you sprint box, the issue is added to the sprint.

JIRA Scrum - Add issue to Sprint

You can add multiple issues to the Sprint. In the below screenshot, you can see that we have added two issues to the sprint.

JIRA Scrum - Add multiple issues

Step 3 – Start sprint

Once you are done with adding all the issues that are required for your sprint, click on Start sprint button.

JIRA Scrum - Start sprint

Step 4 – Fill Sprint Details

Once you click on Start sprint button, you will get a popup to fill the details for the sprint.

JIRA Scrum - Start Sprint - Fill Details

Fill in the appropriate details as shown below.

JIRA Scrum - Provide Sprint Details

And click on Start button.

The started sprint is shown under Active sprints. You can see details like number of days remaining, issues under TO DO column.

JIRA Scrum - Sprint Board

Step 5 – Update Issues

Once the ASSIGNEE change the status of the Sprint, the issue moves to the corresponding column. Or, you can also drag and drop the issue from column to other.

JIRA Scrum - Sprint - Move issue to Column

Once you move the issue to other column, the status of the issue gets changed, based on the column you dropped it in.

In the above screenshot, we dragged the issue from TO DO column to IN PROGRESS column.

JIRA Scrum - Sprint

Now if you click on the issue moved to IN PROGRESS column, the issue details appears in a popup box. You can observe that the status is In Progress.

JIRA Scrum Sprint Issue updated Status


In this tutorial, we learned how to create a Sprint in JIRA Scrum board. Also, we worked a little on the issues present in the sprint.