Connect to MongoDB from Python

Connect to MongoDB from Python – In this MongoDB Tutorial, we shall learn to connect to MongoDB from Python Application.

To connect to MongoDB from Python Application, follow the below step by step guide :

1. Install Python Driver – PyMongo

PyMongo contains tools for working with MongoDB.

To install PyMongo in Linux/OS X, use pip as shown below.

pip install pymongo

Console Output

root@tutorialkart:/home/arjun# pip install pymongo
Collecting pymongo
  Downloading pymongo-3.5.1-cp27-cp27mu-manylinux1_x86_64.whl (368kB)
    100% |????????????????????????????????| 368kB 13kB/s 
Installing collected packages: pymongo
Successfully installed pymongo-3.5.1

To install PyMongo on Windows, use installer available at

2. Import MongoClient from pymongo

In you Python Script, import MongoClient that acts as a Client from Python to MongoDB.

from pymongo import MongoClient
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3. Create a connection to MongoDB Daemon Service using MongoClient

Following is the syntax to create a MongoClient in Python.

client = MongoClient(URI);
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URI is where the MongoDB instance runs.

Example : mongodb://

Note : If URI is not specified, it tries to connect to MongoDB instance at localhost on port 27017.

4. MongoClient is Ready

If there is no exception thrown during MongoClient creation, your MongoClient is successfully connected to MongoDB.

5. Close connection to MongoDB

Once you are done with the MongoDB Operations, close the connection between MongoClient and MongoDB Daemon Service.

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Example Python Script – To demonstrate Connection to MongoDB

Following is an example Python Script to demonstrate on how to establish a connection to MongoDB from Python by creating a MongoClient.

from pymongo import MongoClient
client = MongoClient("mongodb://")
print("Connection Successful")
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Console Output

arjun@tutorialkart:~/workspace/python$ python 
Connection Successful


In this MongoDB Tutorial, we have learnt to make a connection to MongoDB from Python using PyMongo Driver.