Node.js – Create Collection in MongoDB

In this Node.js Tutorial, we shall learn to Create Collection in MongoDB Database from Node.js Application, using db.createCollection() method, with an example.

Following is a step by step guide with an example to create a collection in MongoDB from Node.js Application.

  1. Start MongoDB Service. Run the following command to start MongoDB Service
  2. Get the base URL to MongoDB Service. A simple hack to know the base url of MongoDB Service is to Open a Terminal and run Mongo Shell. While the Mongo Shell starts up, it echoes back the base url of MongoDB.
  3. Prepare the complete URL. Append the Database name you want to connect to (say newdb), to the base URL.
  4. Create a MongoClient.
  5. Make connection from MongoClient to the MongoDB Server with the help of URL. Once the MongoClient is done trying to make a connection, the callback function receives error and db object as arguments.

    If the connection is successful, the db object points to the database, newdb.

  6. Create a MongoDB Collection in the database. Following is the syntax of createCollection() method used to create collection in MongoDB from Node.js.
    collection_nameName of the new MongoDB Collection, that we would like to create
    callback_functionThis Node.js Callback Function is called after Node has tried creating a collection, and ready with the result. The callback function receives error and result object as arguments.

Example Node.js program


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Conclusion :

In this Node.js MongoDB tutorial : Node.js – Create Collection in MongoDB, we have learnt to create a collection in a database from Node.js Application using mongodb package. In our next tutorial – Node.js MongoDB Delete Collection, we shall learn to delete the collection, or you may skip to Node.js Insert Document(s) to MongoDB Collection.