Install Python

In this Python Tutorial, we shall download latest python package and install python to start development in Python language.

Steps to Install Python

Step 1: Download Python

Download latest Python package available at [].

While preparing this tutorial, Python 3.6.1 is the latest available.

Python Download Page - Install Python - Python Environment Setup -
Python Download Page

Step 2: Build Instructions

Unzip the downloaded package. Open README.rst file and follow the instructions under “Build Instructions”.

Build Instructions

On Unix, Linux, BSD, macOS, and Cygwin::

    make test
    sudo make install

This will install Python as python3.

Open the terminal and navigate to the folder.

Python folder - Python Tutorial -
Python folder

Step 3:  Configure

Python Installation - Configure Command - Python Tutorial -

Step 4:  Make

Python installation - Python Tutorial -

“make test” command is optional, so we skip that part.

Step 5: Install

sudo make install
Python Installation - Python Tutorial -

[By the way in the background, its Joey from FRIENDS]

Step 6: Verify Python Installation

Open the terminal and start python with the following command.

Python Installation Verification - Python Tutorial -
Python Installation Verification

Python3 shell starts.. And python3 is installed on the computer.


We have successfully done Python Installation.