In this Python Tutorial, we shall download latest python package and install python to start development in Python language.

Install Python

We have to download the Python from web, and follow some steps to install.

Steps to Install Python

Step 1: Download Python

Download latest Python package available at [].

While preparing this tutorial, Python 3.6.1 is the latest available.

Python Download Page - Install Python - Python Environment Setup -
Python Download Page

Step 2: Build Instructions

Unzip the downloaded package. Open README.rst file and follow the instructions under “Build Instructions”.

Build Instructions

On Unix, Linux, BSD, macOS, and Cygwin::

    make test
    sudo make install

This will install Python as python3.

Open the terminal and navigate to the folder.

Python folder - Python Tutorial -
Python folder

Step 3:  Configure

Python Installation - Configure Command - Python Tutorial -

Step 4:  Make

Python installation - Python Tutorial -

“make test” command is optional, so we skip that part.

Step 5: Install

sudo make install
Python Installation - Python Tutorial -

[By the way in the background, its Joey from FRIENDS]

Step 6: Verify Python Installation

Open the terminal and start python with the following command.

Python Installation Verification - Python Tutorial -
Python Installation Verification

Python3 shell starts.. And python3 is installed on the computer.



In this Python Tutorial, we have downloaded the Python from web, and then installed it on to our PC or Mac.