Accounting Tutorials

Tutorial Kart is now offering free training tutorials of Accounting. Learn Accounting step by step with real time accounting examples from basic concepts to advanced concepts.

This Accounting tutorials are especially designed for beginners, so that beginning learners can easily learn Accounting with zero knowledge.

Prerequisites to Learn Accounting

  • This accounting tutorials are designed for beginners from basics, so no knowledge or educational background is required.
  • The basic knowledge on accounts concepts add an advantage to understand accounting, however you can learn basics of accounting through this tutorials

What do you learn through this Accounting Tutorial

This accounting tutorials will help you to learn:-

  • Understanding the basic concepts of Accounting
  • How to record transactions
  • How to prepare financial statements

Accounting Tutorial Syllabus

Refer below accounting tutorial as per syllabus for better learning and understanding of accounts. Below accounting training tutorials are designed by an expert in an easy methods with real time examples.

Accounting – Basics

  1. Accounting terms
  2. What is an account – Definition & Meaning
  3. What is Accounting
  4. Accounting Cycle – 9 Steps in Accounts explained with examples
  5. Accounting equation – An overview, formula & examples
  6. What is debit and credit
  7. Double entry system
  8. Types of Accounts
  9. Golden rules of accounting – Using Credit & Debit Rules
  10. General ledger accounting
  11. Chart of accounts
  12. Journal entries
  13. What is ledger
  14. How to post to ledger
  15. Contra Accounts
  16. Trial balance in accounting
  17. How to prepare trial balances
  18. Adjusting entries
  19. Final accounts in accounting
  20. Income statement
  21. Balance sheet