Tally Tutorial – Learn Tally ERP 9

Tutorial Kart is now offering free training tutorials of Tally ERP 9. Learn Tally step by step with real time project scenarios from basic concepts to advanced concepts.

This Tally tutorials are especially designed for beginners, so that beginning learners can easily learn Tally.ERP 9 with zero knowledge.

Prerequisites to Learn Tally ERP 9

  • This Tally Tutorial is designed for beginners and professional learners, so every beginning learner can easily learn Tally through this tutorials without any experience or background knowledge.
  • Basics knowledge on Accounting may add advantage to understand concepts of Tally.
  • Tally software on your system for practice.
Tally Tutorial

What do you learn through this Tally Tutorials

  • Basic concepts of accounts that required for Tally
  • How to use tally for educational purpose
  • Real time Tally.ERP 9 project scenarios with examples
  • Important interview questions and answers by topic wise
  • Job placement guidance

Tally ERP 9 Training Syllabus

Refer below Tally Training Tutorial syllabus by concept wise for easy understanding and learning.

Tally Syllabus

  1. What is Tally
  2. How to download and Install Tally.ERP 9
  3. How to start Tally on computer
  4. Tally Screen Components
  5. Create Company in Tally
  6. Alter/ Delete / Shut Company in Tally
  7. Accounting Features in Tally
  8. Company Features in Tally
  9. Inventory Features in Tally
  10. Statutory & Taxation in Tally
  11. Configurations in Tally
  12. What are groups in Tally
  13. How to create groups in Tally
  14. Create single ledger in Tally
  15. Create multiple ledgers in Tally
  16. Voucher types in Tally
  17. Create single voucher in Tally
  18. Create multiple vouchers in Tally
  19. Create single cost centre in Tally
  20. Create multiple cost centres in Tally