How to perform Automatic workflow customizing

In this activity, you perform automatic workflow customizing / configuration step by step using transaction code SWU3 and menu path.

  • Transaction code: SWU3
  • SAP Path: SPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Governance Risk & Compliance > General Settings > Workflow > Perform automatic workflow customizing.

Configuration steps

Step 1: Execute transaction code “SPRO” in the SAP command field


Step 2: In the next screen, choose “SAP Reference IMG”

SAP GRC - SAP Reference IMG

Step 3: Follow the navigation menu path => Governance, Risk and Compliance > General Settings > Work flow and choose IMG activity “Perform Automatic workflow customizing.

SAP GRC Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing path

Step 4: Under workflow customizing, we will get 5 events related to workflow

  1. Maintain runtime environment
  2. Maintain definition environment
  3. Maintain additional settings and services
  4. Classify tasks as general
  5. Guided procedures

Each event should be in green tick mark and each event has sub events and should ensure all there are also in green tick mark.

SAP GRC Automatic Workflow Customizing

Step by step configuration steps for each sub event will be explained in next SAP GRC tutorials.