SAP LE Tutorials – Free SAP LE Training Tutorials

SAP LE Tutorials – Learn SAP Logistics Execution module from basics to advanced concepts including shipments, transportation, legs, shipping costs, billing, reports, real time scenarios, etc.

SAP LE (Logistics Execution) is one of the important component of SAP that mainly processes logistics in an organization or company. This SAP LE component covers all the important process and entire process chain from the vendor through company warehouse, production facilities, and distribution centers to the customers.

SAP LE process includes

  1. The Goods Receipt Process
  2. The Goods Issues Process
  3. An Internal Warehouse Process
  4. The Shipment process

Goods Receipt Process – It is a process of picking of goods from vendor and stores in a warehouse of company.

Goods Issues Process – It is process of issuing and delivery of goods to the customers.

Internal Warehouse Process – Internal warehouse process includes the process of posting changes, stock transfers, and inventory process.

Shipment Process – Shipment process includes inbound and outbound shipments, calculation of shipment costs, settlements, etc.

SAP LE Training Tutorials – Course Content

SAP LE – Enterprise Structure

  1. Define company code
  2. Define plant
  3. Define division
  4. Define valuation level
  5. Define warehouse number
  6. Define loading point
  7. Define shipping point
  8. Maintain transportation planning point

SAP LE – Transportation

  1. What is SAP LE
  2. What is Shipment in SAP LE
  3. What is transportation in SAP LE
  4. How to maintain transportation plant in SPA
  5. Various types of shipment
  6. Types of Legs
  7. How to create legs in SAP LE
  8. Define routes and stages in SAP
  9. Define shipment types