In this SAP tutorials, you will learn how to create division in SAP step by step. In our previous training we have learned how to define distribution channels in SAP SD.

What is Division?

The range of materials for which the company is carrying out the sales are divided in to different divisions. A division is a product line of the company where the materials are produced or goods and services are provided.

Division SAP implementation process

1DProducts Division
2D IT Services
3D Software
4D Accessories

You can configure divisions in SAP by using one of the navigation method.

  • Transaction code: – OVXB
  • Menu Path: – SPRO -> SAP IMG -> Enterprise Structure –> Definition –> Logistics -General -> Define copy, delete, check division.

Step 1) Enter T-code “OVXB” in the SAP command field as shown below and press enter to continue.

Division SAP Transction code

Step 2) On change view divisions overview screen, click on new entries button to new divisions as per the organizational requirements.

SAP Divisions new entries

Step 3) On new entries division overview screen, update the following details.

  • Division: – Enter the key that identifies the division in SAP. You are allowed to update only two digits alphanumeric key.
  • Name: – Update the descriptive text of division.
Define Division in SAP

Step 4) After maintaining the divisions as per the requirements, click on save button and choose your customizing request and save the configured data.

Save sap configuration details

Successfully we have defined division in SAP systems.