Microsoft Azure Tutorials – Learn Azure Basics Step by Step

Microsoft  Azure is  a Cloud­ Computing  service formerly  known  as “Windows  Azure” released on  February 1, 2010.  It  provides  both What is Microsoft Azure – Overview Platform  as  a  Service (PaaS)  and Infrastructure  as  a Service  (SaaS) to build, deploy,  deliver,  robust, secure,  and  scalable applications  and services.  It  is  a  hybrid Platform,  which  tightly integrate  our  own premises  services  with cloud ­hosted solutions. provides Microsoft Azure Tutorials for beginners and Intermediate level Azure professionals. Every Azure tutorial provided here are explained from the fundamentals step by step with screenshots and examples. In this Microsoft Azure tutorial, you will learn how to implement Azure Virtual Machine, Resource Manager, Azure SQL Sever database, Azure Web Apps, Azure Data Storage and many more.

Microsoft Azure Tutorials - Learn Azure Basics Step by Step

Microsoft Azure Tutorials.

Azure Tutorial 1 :  What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure Tutorial 2 :  What are Microsoft Web App Services?

Azure Tutorial 3 :  How to create empty azure web Apps?

 Azure Tutorial 4 :  Creating WordPress website using Azure marketplace?

AzureTutorial 5 :  What is Azure Virtual Machine – Overview?

Azure Tutorial 6 :  What is Microsoft Azure Storage – Overview?

Azure Tutorial 7 : What is Azure Blob Storage?

Azure Tutorial 8 :  What is Azure Table storage?

Azure Tutorial 9  : What is Azure File Storage?