SAP FSCM Tutorial

SAP FSCM tutorial for beginners – Learn how to implement and configure SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) module from basics to advanced concepts including real time scenarios and examples.

SAP FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management) is a group of applications that can optimizes process of order to cash cycle of an organizaton. The applications are modular in design that enables to configure and deploy individual components to meet requirements.

SAP FSCM module contains the following applications

  1. SAP biller direct
  2. SAP credit management
  3. SAP collection management
  4. SAP dispute management
  5. SAP Bank communication
  6. SAP cash & liquidity management
  7. SAP in-house cash
  8. SAP Treasury & risk management


This SAP FSCM tutorial will be extremely useful for all beginners and professional learners who wants to learn the basics of FSCM modules and implementation in practice. It is especially going to help SAP consultants who are responsible for implementing credit management, collection management, dispute management, Bank communication and treasury & risk management.



This SAP FSCM training tutorials are designed for beginning and professional learners and no knowledge is required to to learn SAP FSCM module. However basic knowledge of SAP concepts will helps you in understanding the Financial Supply Chain Management module quickly.

SAP FSCM Training Syllabus

SAP FSCM – Biller Direct

  1. Release credit cards
  2. Edit payment methods
  3. Set account determination for credit cards
  4. Assign text id
  5. Define partial payment and currency
  6. Define payment block for release process
  7. Define reference user

SAP FSCM – Treasury and Risk Management

  1. Define Relationship categories
  2. Define Relationship Types
  3. Define departments
  4. Define functions
  5. Define Authority
  6. Establish Hierarchy Category
  7. Check exchange rate types
  8. Check exchange ratios for currency translation
  9. Define exchange
  10. Define security price types
  11. Check reference interest rates
  12. Define yield curve type
  13. Define index
  14. Define index types
  15. Define price index
  16. Define quotation source
  17. Defne quotation types
  18. Define quotation data
  19. Define statistics type
  20. Define volatility type
  21. Define correlation type
  22. Set up beta factor type
  23. Define price and npc type
  24. Master data for volatilities
  25. Assign reference interest rate
  26. Assign currency pair

SAP FSCM – Cash and Liquidity Management

SAP FSCM – Collections Management

SAP FSCM – Credit Management

SAP FSCM – Dispute Management