Define Cost Center Hierarchy

In this SAP tutorials, you will learn how to create standard cost center hierarchy for controlling area in SAP CO step by step using transaction code OKEON.

Recommend Configuration : – 

In SAP systems, Before you define standard hierarchy using transaction code OKEON, maintain CCtr Standard hierarchy in controlling area using OKKP.

cost center standard hierarchy in SAP

A window opens for checking the standard hierarchy in SAP, click on yes button and save the data.

check standard hierarchy SAP

You can define standard cost center hierarchy in SAP using one of the following navigation method.

Transaction code : – OKEON

IMG Path : – SPRO > IMG > Controlling > Cost Center Accounting > Master Data > Cost Center > Define Standard Hierarchy.

Step 1 : – Enter SAP Tcode “OKEON” in the SAP commend field and press enter key from keyboard.

SAP Transaction code OKEON

Step 2 : – If you not maintain standard hierarchy in controlling area, you will get an error message as “no standard hierarchy is created for TK01”. On standard hierarchy for cost center changes screen, update the name of standard hierarchy key.

standard hierarchy for cost center changes SAP

You can add new hierarchy nodes either by lower level group, group at same level or cost center by choosing the standard hierarchy key.

Define Standard Cost Center Hierarchy for Controlling Area SAP

Based on the requirements, you should develop standard cost center hierarchy for controlling area in SAP.