How to create dummy profit center in SAP controlling

Before creation of dummy profit center in SAP, you need to define standard profit center group in SAP controlling area. The SAP system wont allow for creation of profit center without maintaining the standard hierarchy and the error displays as “standard hierarchy has not been defined in controlling area TK01”.

Configuration Steps

You can define dummy profit centers in SAP by using one of the following navigation method.

SAP Transaction code: – KE59

SAP IMG Path: – SPRO >> SAP Reference IMG >> Controlling >> Profit Center Accounting >> Master Data >> Profit Center >> Create Dummy Profit Center.

Step 1: – Enter SAP transaction code “SPRO” in the SAP command field and click on execute.

SPRO SAP Transaction code

Double click “SAP Reference IMG

SAP Reference IMG Screen

From display IMG screen, follow the menu tree structure controlling – profit center accounting – master data – profit center and click on IMG activity create dummy profit center.

img path for dummy profit center SAP

Step 2: – On choose activity screen, select EC-PCA: create dummy profit center option for creation of new dummy profit centers in SAP as per client requirements.

choose activity for creation of dummy profit center

Step 3: – Now update the SAP controlling area key for which you are going to create a sample profit center in SAP controlling.

controlling area for profit center SAP

Step 4: – On create Dummy Profit Center initial screen, enter the key that you like to create dummy profit center in SAP.

Create dummy Profit Center SAP

After entering the profit center name, click on basic data option.

Step 5: – On create dummy profit center basic screen, update the following details.

  1. Name: – Update the name of an profit center
  2. Description: – Update the descriptive text of INTK_DUMMY profit center.
  3. Profit Center Group: – Update the profit center group key TKPCG.
  4. Segment: – Update the segment key from the list as per your requirements.
Create Profit Center group in SAP

After maintaining all the required details of duplicate profit center in SAP, click on save button and choose the customizing request and save the configured details.