How to maintain settings at plant level in SAP QM

To implement a SAP QM (Quality Management) module in ERP SAP, we need to maintain settings at plant level and it enables to activate QM module for a plant.

Configuration steps

Transaction codeSPRO
SAP PathSPRO > IMG > Quality Management > Basic Settings > Maintain settings at plant level

Step 1: Execute transaction code “SPRO” in sap command field.

SPRO tcode SAP

Step 2: Choose “SAP Reference IMG”

choose sap reference img

Step 3: Follow the navigation menu path and choose img activity “Maintain settings at plant level”.

path maintain settings at plant level in SAP QM

Step 4: In next screen, change view “Plant dependent QM settings” overview, click on new entries button.

SAP QM Plant dependent QM settings

Step 5: In next screen, details of added entries, enter the following details

  • Plant : Enter plant code to activate QM module for a plant

Basic Data

  • Check the options master inspection character history and inspection method with history to view the versions.
plant level settings basic data in SAP QM

The remaining configuration such as

  • Inspection lot creation
  • Results recording
  • Inspection lot completion
  • General settings

can be update after configuration of required settings in QM module.

Choose save icon and save the configured