SAP QM Tutorial

SAP QM Tutorial & Materials are designed to implement SAP QM (Quality Management) module in an easy method step by step with real time scenarios.

SAP QM (Quality Management) module is one of the important functional module of SAP system that supports all the activities associated with quality planning, quality inspection and quality control.

SAP QM module can be integrated with other modules of SAP such as materials management (MM), production planning (PP), Sales and distribution (SD), financial accounting (FICO), etc. The integration of SAP quality management module with other SAP modules helps in quality control in this integrated modules.

Components of SAP QM module

The SAP QM module components supports all the important tasks that are related quality control, quality inspection and quality planning. It also helps in controlling the creation of quality certificates and manages quality issues with the help of quality notifications.

The important components of quality management module are

  • Quality Planning
  • QM in procurement
  • QM in Sales and Distribution
  • QM in batch management
  • Quality certifications
  • Quality notifications
  • Test equipment management

SAP QM – Organization Structure

  1. Define plant
  2. Define storage location

SAP QM – Master Data

  1. Material Master Data (QM View)
  2. Create Master Inspection Characteristic
  3. Define condition types for output determination
  4. Create an inspection method
  5. What are codes and what are code groups?
  6. How to create codes and code groups
  7. What is Catalog & how to create catalog

SAP QM – Inspection Planning

  1. What is an Inspection Planning
  2. Create Inspection Lot
  3. Create Inspection Plan
  4. Create sampling procedure
  5. Record results

SAP QM – QM in Procurement

  1. An overview of QM in Procurement
  2. QM at goods receipt
  3. Create purchase order
  4. Goods Receipt Purchase Order
  5. Stock overview list
  6. QM during stock transfer
  7. Controls in Procurement
  8. Define control keys
  9. Create Quality info record

SAP QM – QM in Production

  1. Create routing
  2. Create production order
  3. Goods receipt inspection after production

SAP QM – QM in Sales & Distribution

  1. Quality inspection during delivery
  2. Create sales order
  3. Create delivery
  4. Goods issues
  5. Create return sales order

SAP QM – Quality Certifications

  1. What is quality certificate in SAP
  2. Define certificate types
  3. Define certification profile
  4. Create certificate assignment type
  5. Quality certificate for inspection lot

SAP QM – Quality Control

  1. An overview of statistical process control (SPC)
  2. Define SPC criteria
  3. Planning control charts
  4. Create sampling procedure
  5. Control chart for inspection characteristic
  6. Define control chart type
  7. Define number ranges for statistical process control

SAP QM – Quality Notifications

  1. An overview of quality notifications
  2. Create quality notification
  3. Define catalog profile
  4. Maintain catalog
  5. Define priorities
  6. Defects records for inspection lot
  7. Defects records for operation
  8. Defects record for characteristic

SAP QM Interview Questions & Answers

  1. SAP QM interview Questions Set 1
  2. SAP QM interview Questions Set 2
  3. SAP QM interview Questions Set 3
  4. SAP QM interview Questions Set 4