How to create inspection lot in SAP

Inspection lot in SAP helps to inspect the goods, record the inspection results, records defects of goods and complete the inspection process with a usage decision. To inspect a material or equipment, inspection lot must be created in SAP QM.

Inspection lots in SAP QM can be maintained automatically by system or manually by user and this inspection lots can be used for different types of inspections.

Transaction codeQA01
SAP PathSAP Menu > Logistics > Quality Management > Quality Management > Quality Inspection > Inspection Lot > Create

Note: Before creation of inspection lot in SAP, you need to check the inspection type setting in the material master.

no valid inspection type for material

You can refer below steps to activate valid inspection type for material.

Step 1: Go to tcode “MM02” and enter the required material code.

Step 2: Choose the views “Quality Management” and update the required details for procurement data and click on inspection set up.

Quality management data

Step 3: Click on create inspection type.

inspection types in SAP

Step 4: Click on drop down list and choose the inspection type from the list and press enter.

  • Assigned inspection type 89 to material.

Note: Here we have removed the option automatic assignment.

inspection setup date in SAP QM

Choose save icon and save the details.

Procedure to create inspection lot in SAP

Step 1: Execute the SAP tcode “QA01” in the SAP command field and enter.

Create inspection lot in SAP tcode

Step 2: In next screen, create inspection lot manually: initial screen, enter the following details.

  • Material: Enter material number
  • Plant: Enter plant
  • Inspection lot origin: Enter the inspection lot origin that specifies how an inspection lot be created and processed. Inspection lot origin is a predefined in SAP and you are not allowed to defined new inspection lot origin in SAP system.
  • After entering details of material, plant & inspection of lot origin, press enter to continue.
Create inspection lot manually in SAP

Step 3: In next screen, create inspection lot manually: origin. enter the following details.

  • Ins. Lot Qty: Enter the quantity of inspection lot.
  • Start date: Enter the starting date of inspection lot
  • End date: Enter the ending date of inspection lot
Create inspection lot in SAP QM

Choose save icon and save the configured inspection lot in SAP.