What is Data Element in SAP ABAP

Data element in SAP ABAP is an object that determines field information such as field description, field labels (short field, medium field, long field and heading field). Data element is a combination of description, data type and length.

Data Element = Description + Domain (Data Type + Length)

Steps to create data elements in SAP

Transaction codeSE11
SAP Menu PathSAP Menu > Tools >> ABAP Workbench >> Development >> ABAP Dictionary

Step 1 : – Execute t-code “SE11” in the command field of SAP easy access.

SAP transaction code SE11

Step 2 : – On ABAP dictionary initial screen, choose radio button data type and enter the name of data element and click on create button.

Data element creation in SAP ABAP

Step 3 : – A popup window opens to choose the type of data type i.e. data element, Structure and table table. Choose the radio button data element and press enter to continue.

Choose data element in SAP ABAP

Step 4 : – On dictionary: maintain data element screen, update the following details.

  • Short Description : – Update the short descriptive text of data element.
  • Domain : – Update the domain key for assigning to domain element.
SAP ABAP Data Element

Step 5 : – Choose field label tab and update the following details.

Specify short, medium, long and heading length and field labels.

LengthField Label
Medium15Vendor Numer
Long20Vendor Number
Heading15Vendor Number
Data elements fields

Choose save icon to save the configured data element in SAP.

Step 6 : – Now you need to activate the created data element. Choose activate icon press (Ctrl+F3) keys from your keyboard and activate the domain element in SAP.

SAP data element local object

Choose the local object and save the data.

Successfully we have created domain element in SAP ABAP.