ABAP views in data dictionary are logical data sets which contain data extracted on one or more tables as a single entity. A view on one or more tables refer as the data from a view is not stored in physically manner as the data being derived from one or more tables. It is a time consuming process to extract the data from several tables, in order to simplify the process and increase efficiency of code, you can define a view in SAP ABAP dictionary.

SAP ABAP Views in Data Dictionary

Types of ABAP Views

  1. Database view
  2. Projection view
  3. Help view
  4. Maintenance view

Database view

Database view is a view created on two or more tables using inner join concepts. In database view, you can not maintain the data and you can only read the data.

Project View

A project view is a view created on single table. Project views are mainly used to minimize the database interface and improve the performance of system. You can maintain the data in project view. This view supports insert, update, delete and select operators.

Help View

A view is created on two or more tables using outer join concepts is called as help view. You can not execute help views directly, instead you have to include help views inside the search helps. It provides help functionary F4 for an input field.

Maintenance View

Maintenance views are used in SAP for internal purpose. It helps in creating the maintenance data and the data can be distributed into several tables. In real time we do not create maintenance views because the data multiple tables leads to inconsistency.

If you need to extract the data from different tables with desired fields, then you need to create a view of the required fields.

ABAP Views

You can create ABAP views using transaction code “SE11”.