SAP s/4 Hana Finance Tutorial

SAP S/4 Hana Finance training tutorial for beginners – Learn step by step configuration and implementation of SAP S/4 Hana Finance with scenarios and examples.

SAP S/4 Hana Finance is also called as Simple Finance (SFin), it is the new ERP financial solution built for SAP Hana allowing real time analytics and reporting for financial dimensions of an organization.

SAP simple finance is comprehensive financial soulution powered by SAP Hana which can be deployed in the cloud.


  • Freshers and Experienced users who wants to become SAP consultants
  • Experience SAP FICO consultants
  • System Analyst, Finance managers or any one looking evaluate enhancement of s/4 Hana Finance in existing SAP environment.


This SAP simple finance (S/4 Hana Finance) is specially designed for beginners and professional learns who wants to learn the SAP Hana finance and implement in real time.

SAP S/4 Hana Finance Training Syllabus

Refer below SAP Hana finance tutorial step by step with real time project scenarios. It is advised to refer topic by topic for better learning and easy understanding of SAP /4 Hana finance.

SAP Simple Finance – Basics

  1. What is SAP Simple Finance
  2. Overview of SAP S4 Hana
  3. SAP Hana development
  4. SAP Hana Architecture
  5. Central finance in Simple Finance
  6. General ledgers (G/L) and cost elements in Simple Finance
  7. Integrated business planning finance in Simple Finance
  8. Cash management in S/4 Hana Finance
  9. Asset accounting in S/4 Hana Finance
  10. Controlling in S/4 Hana Finance

SAP R/3 – Basics

  1. What is SAP
  2. What is ERP
  3. ASAP Methodology

SAP Hana Finance – Enterprise Structure

  1. Define company
  2. Define company code
  3. Define controlling area
  4. Define chart of depreciation

SAP S/4 Hana Finance – Master Data

  1. Maintain Fiscal Year Variant
  2. Assign company code to fiscal year variant
  3. Maintain chart of accounts
  4. Assign company code to chart of accounts
  5. Define account groups
  6. Define retained earnings account
  7. Define posting period variant
  8. Define field status variant
  9. Assign variant to company code
  10. Define open and close posting periods
  11. Define tolerance group for G/L
  12. Create G/L account master record (FS00)

SAP Simple Finance – Customization

  1. Check prerequisites before FI-AA migration
  2. SAP Simple Finance add on for SAP business suite powered by SAP Hana
  3. Define settings for journal entry ledger
  4. Assign input tax indicator for non taxable acquisitions
  5. Define how depreciation areas post to general ledger
  6. Define technical clearing accounts for integrated asset acquisition
  7. Define different technical clearing account
  8. Specify alternative document type for accounting principle specific documents
  9. Define separate document types by company codes
  10. Define depreciation areas for quantity update
  11. Define revenue distribution for fixed asset retirement
  12. Post net book value instead of Gain/Loss
  13. Migrate chart of depreciation
  14. Perform additional manual activities
  15. Define transaction types for manual depreciation
  16. Check prerequisites for activating asset accounting
  17. Adjust parameters in chart of depreciation
  18. Display migration log
  19. Activate new asset accounting

Controlling Customization in Simple Finance

  1. Execute BW-delta extraction for account based CO-PA
  2. Delete settings for the change of profitability segement chart
  3. Maintain operating concern
  4. Maintain operating concern for banking add-on
  5. Activate account based profitability analysis
  6. Assing controlling area to operating concern
  7. Transport operating concern

General Ledger Customization in Simple Finance

  1. Activate SAP Reference IMG for Financial Accounting (New)
  2. Check and adopt fiscal year variants
  3. Migrate general ledger customising
  4. Define settings for journal entry ledger
  5. Define ledger for CO version
  6. Define document types for posting in controlling
  7. Define document type mapping variant for CO business transactions
  8. Check and define default values for postings in controlling
  9. Define offsetting account determination type
  10. Define source ledger for migration of balances
  11. Execute consistency check of general ledger settings
  12. Activate business functions