In this SAP tutorials, you will learn what is field status group and how to define field status variants in SAP.

What is Field Status Group in SAP

During document entry, field status group controls which fields are required for entry and which fields are set to optional and suppress. The field status groups are available under field status variant and it will be assigned to company codes in SAP.


At the time of posting on the SAP screen, we get 70 fields approximately like quantity, Text, Cost Center, profit center, value, date, etc.

For any postings we will have a debit entries and credit entries, so we will have 75 debit fields and 75 credit fields. It is not easy to update all the 150 fields and post a document. In order to overcome this issue, SAP has provided the option to make the fields as required, optional and suppress.

Example : – Quantity

Suppress: – If you choose quantity as suppress, at the time of posting this quantity field will not visible on the screen.

Required: – If you choose quantity as required, at the time of posting quantity field will appear on the screen and you have to give value in the quantity field. Required means mandatory, so without quantity value you can not go to next screen.

Optional: – If you selected quantity as optional, at the time of posting the quantity field appears on the screen and it is your choice to update value or not. Without giving value you can go to next screen.

The field selection is not common for all accounts, it varies from account to account. For example for sales account quantity is required and for salaries account quantity is not required.

Important Rules of Field Status Variant

  • We need to assign field status group at the time of general ledger master record creation.
  • In field status group, we need to specify which field is required, optional and suppress.
  • At the time of postings, the users gives G/L account number. The fields appears on the screen based on field status groups assigned to G/L.

How to define Field Status Variants

In system, SAP has already provided pre configured field status groups. As per organizational requirements, we can copy and change the name of variant.

  • Transaction code: – OBC4
  • Navigation: – SPRO –> Reference IMG –> Financial Accounting (New) –> Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) –> Ledgers –> Fields –> Define field status variants.

Step 1) Enter transaction code “OBC4” in the SAP command field and enter to continue.

SAP Transaction code OBC4

Step 2) On change view “field status variants” overview screen, select the FSTV 0001 and than select the copy as button.

field status variants in SAP overview screen

Step 3) Now change the variant name to TKFV and name to Field status for TKFV. Press enter to continue

Step 4) Now the system asks you to copy all or only copy entry, select copy all option.

Step 5)  We get a message number of dependent entries copied: 41, press enter to continue.

Step 6) Click on save button and than select the request number, save the configured field status variants details.

Successfully we have defined field status variants in SAP.

How to edit field status groups

Go back to main screen, select field status variant and double click on “Field status groups”.

Double click on field status group “G001” i.e. General (with text allocation).

Double click on general data.

Now select required, optional and suppress field as per requirements.

Click on save button and save the configured details. Similarly edit the remaining groups as per requirements.