What is Chart of Depreciation?

In SAP, Chart of depreciation is a country specific that provides various pre-defined charts of depreciation with pre-defined depreciation areas. Each company code uses one chart of accounts and one charts of depreciation. We can create charts of depreciation by copying from reference charts of depreciation

What is depreciation areas?

Depreciation area is two digits alphanumeric key that determines the specific type of valuations. Depreciation are keys are used in asset master record or in asset classes.

How to copy reference chart of depreciation in SAP

Transaction code: – EC08

IMG Path: – SPRO >> SAP Reference IMG >> Financial Accounting >> Asset Accounting >> Organization Structures >> Copy reference chart of depreciation / depreciation areas.

Step 1) Enter transaction code “SPRO” in the SAP command field and press enter.

SAP Transaction Code SPRO

Choose “SAP Reference IMG”

SAP Reference IMG SAP

Follow the IMG menu path and click on img activity “copy reference chart of depreciation/depreciation area”

On choose activity screen, click on “Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation”

copy reference chart of depreciation SAP activity

Step 2) From organizational object chart of depreciation, click on copy as icon (copy organization object) or press function key F6.

organizational object chart of depreciation SAP

Step 3) Now copy as screen, you need to update the following details.

  • From chart of dep: – Update the depreciation chart key that you would like to copy. Here we are coping values from 0DE (maximum valuation: Germany) to our new chart of depreciation.
  • To chart of dep: – Enter chart of depreciation key as “TKCD”
Copy chart of depreciation in SAP

After entering the details, press enter to continue.

You get a message of Transport number ranges and address, press enter to continue.

Transport number ranges and address SAP

Step 4) You get a warning message as “do you really want to transport number ranges”, click on “Yes” button.

Number range management messages

Step 5) Now you are prompted for customizing request, choose your request and press enter to continue.

Customizing request depreciation areas SAP

In next screen, an information box with message displays as “Chart of dep 0DE copied to TKCD” , press enter to continue.

chart of depreciation 0DE copied to TKCD

Step 6) Press back button (F3 key) and click on “specify Depreciation of Chart of Dep.”

specify Depreciation of Chart of Depreciation

Select position button and enter your chart of dep. key in the given field, and enter to continue.

Another entry SAP

Now update the descriptive text for chart depreciation TKCD and click on save button to save the configured details.

SAP chart of depreciation specify

Step 7) Now press back button (F3) and click on “copy/delete depreciation areas”

copy delete chart of depreciation areas SAP

Select the chart of depreciation “TKCD” as work area and press enter.

determine work area chart of depreciation SAP

Select unwanted areas and click on delete button to delete the depreciation areas.

delete depreciation areas SAP

Update target group as 0L (Leading Ledger) and click on save button and save configured details.

Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation in SAP CO

Successfully we have defined chart of depreciation and depreciation areas in SAP.