Install R on Windows

In this tutorial, we shall install R on Windows.

Following is a step by step process to install R programming language on Windows.

  1. Download R-n.n.n-win.exe from []. The file would be around 60MB.
  2. Once downloaded, double click on the exe file to run. Install R on Windows Click on Run.
  3. Continue with the default steps. For Startup Options, Select No for the default options. You may select Yes and provide necessary information. But in this tutorial, we shall proceed with default options. Install R on Windows
  4. Once the setup is completed, R is successfully installed in your Windows computer. You may have to add path of Rscript.exe to Path environment variable. Edit System Environment variable, Path, and append the path to Rscript.exe (in this case C:\Program Files\R\R-3.4.3\bin). Install R on Windows
  5. Open a command prompt and run the command Rscript. Install R on Windows - Rscript


In this R Tutorial, we have learnt a step by step process to install R on Windows machine.