R Strings

Single quotes or double quotes are used to represent Strings in R programming language. We shall learn rules to write a String, embed special characters in it, and some of the common operations like concatenation of two strings, finding length of string, etc.

Rules to write R Strings

Following are the rules to write a valid string in R programming language :

  • Either single quotes or double quotes should be used to enclose a string value.str1 = 'Hello'str2 = "Hello"
  • As only single quote or double quotes are the special characters used to represent an R string, to include them in a String requires special care.
  • To include a single quote inside a string value, surround the single quote with double quotes.str1 = "Arjun"'"s book."
  • To include a double quote inside a string value, surround the double quote with single quotes.str1 = "Arjun says, '"'Hello World'"'"
  • Single quote or double quote could be included at the starting or ending of the string value as is.str1 = "'Hello""

R String Operations


In this R Tutorial, we have learnt about Strings, rules to define them, and different useful operations on Strings.