Import Excel Data into R Dataframe

In our previous tutorial, we learned to read an excel file in R using readxl package. In this tutorial, we will learn how to import Excel data into an R Dataframe.

In certain scenarios, your input data might come in an XLS or XLSX Excel files. Then you need to load the data from Excel file into R.

To read Excel Data into an R Dataframe, we first read Excel data using read_excel() and then pass this excel data as an argument to data.frame() function.

Reference: Read Excel File Data in R

> exceldata = read_excel("C:\\tutorialkart\\r\\sample.xlsx")                                                                            
> dfdata = data.frame(exceldata)
> dfdata
  ID     Name Salary
1 22     John  25000
2 41 Samantha  30000
3 15      Ron  37000
4 63     Rick  15000
5 87     Gary  56000

In the above example, when we read excel data using read_excel() function, the excel data is read into a tibble.

You can perform the data operations on a tibble just like a dataframe.

If you would like to have the data in an R Dataframe, you can use data.frame() function as shown in the above example.