R – Check if List is Empty

To check if list is empty in R programming, we have to evaluate the condition that the length of list is zero. Call length() function with this list passed as argument and if the return value is 0 using equal to operator.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to check if a list is empty in R, using length() function and equal to operator, with the help of example programs.


The syntax of condition to check if the list x is empty in R

length(x) == 0

The above expression returns a logical value of TRUE or FALSE.



In the following program, we create an empty list and programmatically check if this list is empty.


x <- list()

if (length(x) == 0) {
  print("List is empty.")
} else {
  print("List is not empty.")


[1] "List is empty."


In this R Tutorial, we learned how to check if a list is empty or not in R programming, with the help of examples.