In our previous Salesforce tutorial, we have learned about What is Salesforce Sandbox, What are the different Salesforce Sandbox Types, How to create Sandbox model in Salesforce and how to login Salesforce Sandbox. In this Salesforce Training tutorial, we will learn about different deployment tools in Salesforce and about Change Sets in Salesforce.

After creating Salesforce Sandbox, we have to establish a plan to deploy changes from Production environment to Salesforce Sandbox. Metadata Migration will be occurred in Salesforce application lifecycle management or Change management. To deploy Changes, we need to use appropriate deployment tools in salesforce. Some of the deployment tools in salesforce are

  1. Change sets.
  2. Migration Tool.
  3. Eclipse: Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  4. MavensMate: IDE.
  5. Workbench.

Change Sets in Salesforce

Change sets in Salesforce are groupings of components that can be deployed from one organisation (Production organisation) to another org (Sandbox environment). Both the destination and the target org can be either a sandbox or a production org. The factor that makes change sets truly unique is their declarative nature. The entire process can be done within the user interface with only point and click tools. Developers can use permission sets or profile settings to specify permissions and other access settings in a change set.

Change sets in Salesforce

What is Metadata?

Metadata describes and gives the information of other data. The IDE, Migration tool and browser based user interface are used to add records to our salesforce application. All these tools are powered by Metadata.

Steps to use Change Sets Salesforce

  1. Create sandbox in Salesforce and establish connection between production and sandbox environment.
  2. Change deployment Settings and allow inbound changes in production environment.
  3. Login to sandbox and create outbound change sets using point and click tools.
  4. Add Change Set components and upload that Change Set to production environment.
  5. Now go to Production environment and click on Inbound Change Set and deploy the change set.

Upload Outbound Change Set in Salesforce

An outbound change set in Salesforce is a change set created in the Sandbox environment in which you are logged in and to send to production environment. You typically use an outbound change set for customizations created and tested in a sandbox and that are then sent to a production org.

Deploy Inbound Change Set in Salesforce

An inbound change set in Salesforce is a change set that has been sent from another Salesforce org (Sandbox environment) to the org(production environment) you are logged in to. A change set must be deployed for the changes to take effect. You can deploy the contents of an inbound change set as a whole, but not on a component-by-component basis.