SAP Logistics - General (LO) Tables

A162Trading Contract: Invoice RecipientLO
OIH5Definition of Excise Duty Handling Type (IS-OIL-TDP)LO
WBHETrading Contract: Schedule LinesLO
WBHFTrading Contract: Document FlowLO
WBHITrading Contract: Item DataLO
WBHDTrading Contract: Commercial DataLO
WBHKTrading Contract: Header DataLO
WBHPTrading Contract: Partner AssignmentLO
A364Trading Contract/Vendor/MaterialLO
A192Country/Goods Rec./StCla-MatLO
A191Condition Table for Pricing A191LO
A365Trading Contract/Vendor/MaterialLO
A366Trading Contract NumberLO
A193Condition Table for Pricing A193LO
A190Condition Table for Pricing A190LO
OIJTSTransport system (IS-Oil TSW standard/core object )LO
TB2BNTrading Contract: Assignment of Expense Type CondType GrpLO
TB2BOTrading Contract: Assignment of Expense Type to ApplicationLO
OIB06HPM Unit of Measurement Group: DefinitionLO
TB2BPTrading Contract: Assignment of Contract Type to Condit.GrpLO
TB2BKTrading Contract: Links From Item Category And DocumentationLO
TB2BJTrading Contract: Item CategoriesLO
TB2BCTrading Contract: Purchasing GroupingLO
TB2BBTrading Contract: Status Group DefinitionLO
TB2BDTrading Contract: Sales GroupingLO
TB2BETrading Contract: Trading Contract TypeLO
TB2BATrading Contract: Application StatusLO
TB2BFTrading Contract: Status Group/Application Stat. LinkLO
TB2BGTrading Contract: Incompleteness GroupLO
T6WL5Check Table - Label TypeLO
TB2BHTrading Contract: Incompleteness FieldsLO
TB2BITrading Contract: Communication Tables for Trading ContractLO
TB2BRTC: Item Texts Types Whose Changes are to be SavedLO
TB2BSTC: Header Text Types Whose Changes are to be SavedLO
WYT2MVendor-Dependent Characteristic Value ConversionLO
TB2BLTrading Contract: Allowed Field Changes Trading ContractLO
TB2BUText Types for Display of Changes (Item)LO
TB2BTText Types for Display of Changes (Header)LO
TB2BMTrading Contract: Assignment: Expense and Condition TypeLO
CHALCCustomizing table for Swiss alcohol processingLO
OIB01Definition of Conversion GroupsLO
HBSAUTHelper table for auto generation ...LO
TB2BATTrading Contract: Application Status DescriptionLO
HBSCMPCommunity Plan Data within Home Building SolutionLO
HBSCNBConfiguration <-> condition indexingLO
HBSFSPHelp dummy tableLO
HBSPPHPermitted Development PhasesLO
HBSRLCCharacteristics for RulesLO
HBSRLSAffected Building ListLO
HBSSPHPermitted Sales PhasesLO
MNTCNTMaintenance Control in Distributed SystemsLO
HBSAFFAffected building in Home Building SolutionLO
TB2BBTTrading Contract: Status Group DescriptionLO
TB2BCTTrading Contract: Purchasing Grouping DescriptionLO
BEWARTMovement type texts for Swiss specificsLO
CHWEINMaterial groups required for wine processingLO
TB2BJTTrading Contract: Item Category DescriptionsLO
TB2BGTTrading Contract: Text Table, Incompleteness GroupLO
TB2BETTrading Contract: Trading Contract Type DescriptionLO
TB2BDTTrading Contract: Sales Grouping DescriptionLO
CHBSEXPPossible entries for the Building /part ExposureLO
CHBSFBTFitlist-Relevant Building TypesLO
CHBSFCGFitlist-Relevant Char. GroupsLO
CHBSFMTFitlist relevant material groupsLO
CHBSHTPPossible Sales unit typesLO
CHBSMWBWeb related info to modelsLO
CHBSNCMPossible entries for the target incomeLO
CHBSPRPReports offered at the pre-sales toolLO
CHBSRLNPossible relations for affected buildingsLO
TB2BSGRStatus Group for Process ControlLO
CPSTOCKResult list for stock information for MSALO
OIFSPBLPhysical Location - Master DataLO
TB2BSGRTDescription of status groupLO
EPM_VIEWUser-Specific Combination of KPIsLO
CHBSNCMTText table for the target incomeLO
EPM_CODEKey Management for KPI ValuesLO
CHSPIRITMaterial groups required for spirits processingLO
ECP_MLSTStatus for milestonesLO
CHBSINTCRE-SCM - "sold to interal party" for canceled sales!LO
CHBTIV00Field status definitions for Real Estate object mgmtLO
CHBSHTPTText table for home typesLO
CHBSEXPTtext for entries for the Building /part ExposureLO
CHBSPSTYPCustomizing for PS<->RE-SCM link typesLO
TB2BF_REFLink Status Group/Application StatusLO
CRMC_TEXTCRM: General Mapping Table for TextsLO
CRMVBREF2SD Object Link to Item ReferencesLO
OIG_TVFTKTD-F Determination: Valuation Class of Shipment Cost ItemsLO
CRS_BLOCKSBlocks for Initial Download Customer MasterLO
MGWPICTURECustomizing Image DataLO
IVPH_MTARTPharma IView - material type tableLO
CRMBINREL2Object Relationship Service: Generic Binary LinksLO
HBSCREASONContingency reasonsLO
HBSCREASONTContingency reason textLO
TB2BCPA_DEFDefault Values for Copy ProcessesLO
ZGI_VEHICLEVehilce Make, Model and BadgeLO
HBS_NETWORKList of Networks to be scheduled with next mass schedulingLO
CPCRMSTOCK2Define stock values on material group levelLO
CPCRMSTOCK1Define stock values on material levelLO
MGWUSRINDEXSelection Worklist (User)LO
ECP_FTAB_NUMList of numeric fields for collecting dataLO
CRMD_CO_ITEMCO Account Assignment of Sales ItemsLO
OIO_CM_SPROCRLM Supply Process (IS-Oil Remote Logistics Management)LO
CRMC_CO_HIERCRM-CO Interface: Hierarchy Node TableLO
EPM_KPI_USERUser-Dependent Settings for Individual KPIsLO
ECP_KEY_INDXE&C portal: Index Table for E&C PortalLO
CMDET_S06667Individual Records for Updating External Credit DataLO
EPM_KPI_VIEWAssignment of KPIs to User-Specific ViewsLO
ECP_FUNCT_CUSFunctions for iView IDsLO
MGWUSRF4MATNRSelection Worklist (User)LO
ECP_PO_STATUSStatus for completion of POLO
CRMC_LOG_TOJTBCRM Service: Valid Object TypesLO
CRMM_IPM_MRKCOIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Market)LO
CRMC_LOG_GROUPCRM Service: Logistics Integration - Grouping CustomizingLO
CRMD_CO_HEADERCO Account Assignment of Sales TransactionsLO
EPM_USER_TEXTSUser-Dependent Settings for Individual KPIsLO
CRMC_CO_HIER_DCRM-CO Interface: Description of Hierarchy NodesLO
CRMM_IPM_TRRCOIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Territory)LO
EPM_TARGET_SYSPrimary System for KPIs and KPI valuesLO
EPM_USER_GATESUser-Dependent Settings for Individual Threshold ValuesLO
ECP_FIELDTABTXE&C portal: text table of the ecp_fieldtableLO
ECP_FUNCT_TYPEList of functions supported by SAPLO
MILL_ATRKZ_PARMill: Parameters for Order IndicatorLO
ECP_FIELDTABLEData fields for communication with the contracting portalLO
CRMM_IPM_LNGCOIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Language)LO
CRM_SRV_RESERVCRM Service ReservationsLO
CRM_SRV_LOG_SCCRM Service: Logistics ScenariosLO
CPSTOCK_HISTORYHistory Table for Table CPSTOCK for Delta DownloadLO
EPM_USER_ALERTSUser-Dependent Alerts for KPIsLO
EPM_KPI_CATALOGKPIs Available in Company CatalogLO
CND_MAPC_FIL_UAFilter Table for Condition Usage and ApplicationLO
CRMC_CO_HTREE_DDescription for Hierarchy Trees CreatedLO
CRMC_CO_HIER_IDCRM-CO Interface: COPA-ID Hierarchy NodesLO
ECP_FUNCTION_LSTList of function types supported by SAPLO
EPM_DATA_COMMENTComments for Data Points in Trend AnalysisLO
CRMM_IPM_TRRCO_TIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Territory) TextsLO
ECP_FUNCTION_KEYList of key fields for supported functionsLO
CRMM_IPM_MRKCO_TIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Market) TextsLO
EPM_KPICATEGORYTKPI Text (Language-Dependent)LO
EPM_KPI_CATALOGTKPI Text (Language-Dependent)LO
EPM_KPI_CATALOGHHistory of KPIs in KPI CatalogLO
ECP_FUNCT_TYPE_TText for list of functions supported by SAPLO
ECP_FUNCT_TYPE_ORelevant object types for function typesLO
IAOM_CRMSALES_SOTable of Lower-Level Objects for Acc.Ass.Man.Impl. CRM_SALESLO
CPSTOCK_P_FILTERTable for Filtering the Allocation to Specific PlantsLO
CRM_SRV_SCENARIOService Logistics Scenarios for Material WithdrawalLO
CRMM_IPM_LNGCO_TIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Language) TextsLO
ECP_FUNCTION_TXTText for list of functions supported by SAPLO
CND_MAPC_PASS_UAFilter Table for Condition Usage, Application and Cond. TypeLO
ECP_FUNCT_CUS_TXFunction for iView IDs (Text)LO
OIL_ABFAC_VALUESFixed values for Air Buoyancy Factor (Oil, Natural Gas,...)LO
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SAP Commodity Management in Logistik Tables

CMM_D_IDXCommodity Management: Index TableLO-CMM
MEV_D_WL_SDPeriod-end valuation: Worklist - Sales and Distribution DataLO-CMM
CMM_MD_CHARAssign Commodity Material to CharacteristicLO-CMM
MEV_C_CCODEPeriod-end valuation: Company code dependent customizingLO-CMM
MEV_D_WL_MMPeriod-end valuation: Worklist - Materials Management DataLO-CMM
CMM_MTM_CALCAssign Condition Types to GroupsLO-CMM
MEV_D_WL_ITEMPeriod-end valuation: Worklist itemLO-CMM
MEV_D_AD_ROOTPeriod-End Valuation: Accruals Document RootLO-CMM
MEV_D_AD_ITEMPeriod-End Valuation: Accruals Document ItemLO-CMM
CMM_MTM_BUKRSMtM Settings on company code levelLO-CMM

Full List of SAP Commodity Management in Logistik Tables

SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables

A152Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Plant/Material/Sales Unit/CustomerLO-MD
EQBSSerial Number Stock SegmentLO-MD
CLSTLink class - BOMLO-MD
EQSTEquipment to BOM LinkLO-MD
EQSESerial Number RecordsLO-MD
EBEWSales Order Stock ValuationLO-MD
WYT6Characteristics for characteristic value conversionLO-MD
DOSTDocument to BOM LinkLO-MD
A155Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Price List/Material/Sales UnitLO-MD

Full List of SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables

SAP Product Data Management Tables

TPROProfile Names for ALE Change AuthorizationsLO-PDM
KLFBAssignment: Class to templateLO-PDM
TPRBOBusiness Objects with ALE Change AuthorizationsLO-PDM
TPRFLField Groups per Change Authorization ProfileLO-PDM
TCHUSSpecification system: user-specific valuesLO-PDM
TCH02Specification system: Profile for unit of measure conversionLO-PDM
TPROOSequence of Change Authorization ProfilesLO-PDM
TPROXProfile Names for ALE Change AuthorizationsLO-PDM
TCH01Specification system: control dataLO-PDM
CEPDBLB2E [Base] PDoc <-> Master PDoc MappingLO-PDM

Full List of SAP Product Data Management Tables

SAP Batches Tables

R000Condition table for derivation strategy RLO-BM
WBEWActive Ingredient ValuationLO-BM
MCHWTBatch Worklist TypesLO-BM
PROOBOriginal Batch for Production OrderLO-BM
PUROBOriginal Batch for Purchase OrderLO-BM
PRDKZSLED Period IndicatorLO-BM
T685HConditions: Batches => Default ValuesLO-BM
BNMATAssignment of Material No.-Number Range for Batch No. AssgmtLO-BM
KONDRConditions: Derivation strategy - data partLO-BM
T148ZValue table for domain ZUSCH (deactivated)LO-BM

Full List of SAP Batches Tables

SAP Variant Configuration Tables

BCSTUser-specific settings in configuratorLO-VC
CUCOAdditional Data for Configurable ObjectsLO-VC
TCOBConfiguration: Configurable ObjectsLO-VC
CLRKRecursiveness Info on Objects in Classes for BOMLO-VC
TCUAConfiguration: Find Layout for Configuration ResultLO-VC
TCUZConfiguration: Configuration Result Layout -Line-LO-VC
TCUQConfiguration: Configurable ObjectsLO-VC
TCULConfiguration: Configuration Result LayoutLO-VC
KRIFRichie RiffleLO-VC
CUPEExtension to BOM Item for VariantsLO-VC

Full List of SAP Variant Configuration Tables

SAP Engineering Change Management Tables

EDGERelation Between Change NumbersLO-ECH
CCSEQChange Sequence GraphLO-ECH
CCSEQ_CYCLECycles (Change Sequence Graph)LO-ECH
CCSEQ_NODESHistorical Statuses of Objects (Change Sequence Graph)LO-ECH
CCSEQ_ACTIVE(De)activate Change Sequence GraphLO-ECH

SAP Electronic Data Records Tables

AUT_STXLSAPscript Text File Lines: Dummy Table for Audit TrailsLO-ELR
AUTTABLOGCustomizing for Table LoggingLO-ELR
AUT_TEST_1Audit Trail Test Table 1LO-ELR
AUT_TEST_0Audit Trail Test Table 0LO-ELR
AUT_TEST_2Audit Trail Test Table 2LO-ELR
AUTTABLOGTText Table for Customizing of Table LoggingLO-ELR
AUTDTELLOGCustomizing for Change Document CreationLO-ELR
AUTTRANSLOGCustomizing, Assignment of Transaction/Objects via AUT02LO-ELR
AUTDTELLOGTText Table for Customizing of Change Document CreationLO-ELR
AUTDELTTXIDLong Text Objects Not To Be Logged on DBTABLOGLO-ELR

Full List of SAP Electronic Data Records Tables

SAP Logistics Information System (LIS) Tables

MCYCKey Figures: Early WarningLO-LIS
MCSAFile for saving selection versions (AUSTAB)LO-LIS
MCYAEarly Warning: ExceptionsLO-LIS
MCLIKey Figures in Information LibraryLO-LIS
MCSIFile for Storage of Selection Versions (INDX)LO-LIS
MCY1Objects: Early WarningLO-LIS
MCYDEarly Warning: Groups of ExceptionsLO-LIS
MCS0Reference Structure for Generating Info StructuresLO-LIS
S104Customer StatisticsLO-LIS
MCYBObjects: Early WarningLO-LIS

Full List of SAP Logistics Information System (LIS) Tables

SAP Merchandise Distribution Tables

AUBFDocument Flow SAP Retail (Allocation Table, Promotions...)LO-MDS
B019Messages: Sales Organization/Distribution ChannelLO-MDS
AUSBPlant Status TableLO-MDS
AUPOAllocation Table Document ItemLO-MDS
AULWDelivery PhasesLO-MDS
AUKOAllocation Table Document HeaderLO-MDS
AUVZDistribution CenterLO-MDS
AUFIAllocation Table, Document Sub-item, StoresLO-MDS
AUFGAllocation Table Sub-Item, Store GroupLO-MDS
AUVWDelivery Phase for Distribution CenterLO-MDS

Full List of SAP Merchandise Distribution Tables

SAP Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (SCPI) Tables

TCLOI4Status Filter for BOM SelectionLO-SCI
TCLOI5Method for Planned Order Selection by Work CentersLO-SCI
TCLOI7Define general parameters for data transferLO-SCI
TCLOI2Status Filter for Task List SelectionLO-SCI
AIDLOGAuto-ID Infrastructure Log TableLO-SCI
TCLOI9Selection profile for orders / operationsLO-SCI
TCLOI3Usage Filter for BOM SelectionLO-SCI
TCLOI1Usage Filter for Task List SelectionLO-SCI
TCLOI8Capacity version for download of available capacityLO-SCI
TCLOI6Target System with Destination and Function for Data UploadLO-SCI

Full List of SAP Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (SCPI) Tables

SAP SAP Retail Store Tables

WOSASAP Retail Store, Store Orders: Entities TableLO-SRS
WOSAVSAP Retail Store, Store Orders: Document LinksLO-SRS
TWICSCMIACs Retail: Customizing schemasLO-SRS
TWICOBJIACs Retail: Customizing objectsLO-SRS
TWIC0250General Business Transactions for SAP Retail Store GRLO-SRS
TWIC0220SAP Retail Store GM: Basic SettingsLO-SRS
TWIC0110Retail Store GR: Basic Settings for Goods ReceiptLO-SRS
TWIC0101Grouping of Reference Document Categs and Business ProcessesLO-SRS
TWIC0100General Settings for SAP Retail Store Goods ReceiptLO-SRS
TWIC0252Retail Store GM: Assignment of Business Transaction GroupLO-SRS

Full List of SAP SAP Retail Store Tables

SAP Additionals Management Tables

TWEAIS-R Labeling: Check Table Material GroupsLO-ADM
TWEZIS-R Labeling: Check Table Labeling PartyLO-ADM
TWETIS-R Labeling: Check Table Label TypesLO-ADM
TWEPIS-R Labeling: Check Table Label CategoriesLO-ADM
TWEKIS-R Labeling: Check Table Customer/Plant GroupsLO-ADM
WESTIS-R Labeling: Master Data for ControlLO-ADM
TWEKTIS-R Labeling: Text Table Customer/Plant GroupsLO-ADM
TWEPTIS-R Labeling: Text Table Label CategoriesLO-ADM
TWETTIS-R Labeling: Text Table Label TypesLO-ADM
WTRAHRuntime Measurement: Log: Header DataLO-ADM

Full List of SAP Additionals Management Tables

SAP Retail Information System (RIS) Tables

MCWPSFile for storing results of function group MCWPSLO-RIS
TMCWWCheck table: Time of day classLO-RIS
TMCWBDo not use!LO-RIS
MCWSVKSelection Variant f. Reading IS Dynamically: Header DataLO-RIS
MCWSVFSelection Variant f. Reading IS Dynamically: Field Line DataLO-RIS
TMCWWTTexts for descriptions of time of day classesLO-RIS
ZSTARFMERKEnhancement for Article Characteristics in RISLO-RIS
TMCW_AA_APPMCCW_AA: Analytical ApplicationsLO-RIS

Full List of SAP Retail Information System (RIS) Tables

SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning Tables

S202MAP: Merchandise Planning StructureLO-MAP
S208MAP: Assortment PlanningLO-MAP
S216MAP: Average Retail WOCLO-MAP
S207MAP: Store Planning StructureLO-MAP
S211MAP: OTB Evaluation StructureLO-MAP
S206MAP: Store Planning StocksLO-MAP
S217MAP: AvgRetail MONLO-MAP
S204MAP: Merchandise Planning MovementsLO-MAP
S203MAP: Merchandise Planning StockLO-MAP

Full List of SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning Tables

SAP Agency Business (Global Trade) Tables

TMSBAB: Settlement BlocksLO-AB
TMPRAB: Posting RulesLO-AB
TMKVAgency Business: Calculation Schema TransactionLO-AB
TMPAAgency Business: Control Data Profit SimulationLO-AB
WBPAAgency Business: Business Partner AssignmentLO-AB
TMFKAgency Business: Billing Document TypesLO-AB
TMFSAgency Business: Blocking ReasonsLO-AB
TMZRAgency Business: Payment TypesLO-AB
TMTEAB: Transfer EventsLO-AB
TMTRAB: Transfer RulesLO-AB

Full List of SAP Agency Business (Global Trade) Tables

SAP Global Trade Tables

M000Master Table for Portfolio DeterminationLO-GT
WBGTGlobal Trade: Generic Document InformationLO-GT
TCOMDefinition of CommoditiesLO-GT
WBITAssociation Item at Step LevelLO-GT no.LO-GT
TB2BVTrading Contract: Schema for Fields to be CheckedLO-GT
TCOMTCommodity DescriptionLO-GT
T685MPortfolio Processing: Portfolio TypesLO-GT

Full List of SAP Global Trade Tables

SAP Handling Unit Management Tables

VEVWWhere-Used List for Handling UnitsLO-HU
VEKPHandling Unit - Header TableLO-HU
VEPOPacking: Handling Unit Item (Contents)LO-HU
TVTYPackaging Material TypesLO-HU
P000Conditions for Packing ObjectLO-HU
TVEGRMaterial Group: Packaging MaterialsLO-HU
TVTYTPackaging Material Types: DescriptionsLO-HU
KONDPConditions: Packing Object Data SectionLO-HU
TERVHAllowed Packaging Materials for each Mat.Group f. Pckg.MatlsLO-HU
HURESTentative Reservation of HU ItemsLO-HU

Full List of SAP Handling Unit Management Tables

SAP Configuration management Tables

IBINCMIB: Config.Mang.: Component/InstanceLO-CM
IBSPCMIB: Config.Mang.: SpecializationLO-CM
IBSTCMIB: Conf.Mang.:StructureLO-CM
TCM_EXPLProfile for the explosionLO-CM
TCM_PFRELData storage for generic object linksLO-CM
TCMFOLDERSTable for sending CM foldersLO-CM
TCM_CTIME2List of Alternative Dates (Config. Management)LO-CM
TCM_PFOLDERConfiguration Folder (Configuration Management)LO-CM
TCM_PF_CONTTable for data container for product folder (Conf. Mgmt)LO-CM
TCM_CUS_MEMCustomizing parameter CM applicationLO-CM

Full List of SAP Configuration management Tables

SAP Warranty Claim Processing Tables

A388Country/Tax Class.-CustomerLO-WTY
A389Country/Partner/Tax Class.-CustomerLO-WTY
B361Rel.Vers./Partner TypeLO-WTY
PRWTYiPPE Relationship: Time-Ind. Ident./Attributes WarrantyLO-WTY
PVWTYWarranty Claim Item (PPE Variant)LO-WTY
PAWTYWarranty Claim Category (PVS Alternative)LO-WTY
PNWTYVWarranty Claim Version (PVS Node)LO-WTY
PNWTYHWarranty Claim Header (PVS Node)LO-WTY

Full List of SAP Warranty Claim Processing Tables

SAP ANSI/ISA S95 Interface Tables

S95_ALERTMaintain the S95 Alert CategoriesLO-S95
S95_XI_DESTMaintain S95 Control Recipe DestinationLO-S95
S95_ALERT_TEXTS95 Alert DescriptionLO-S95
S95_GEN_SETTINGSMaintain S95 General SettingsLO-S95

SAP Service Parts Management Tables

T163QProfile: Quantity Differences Shipping Notif./Inb. DeliveryLO-SPM
BORGR_FUNCInbound Delivery Tracking: User FunctionsLO-SPM
BORGR_FUNCTInbound Delivery Tracking: Texts for User FunctionsLO-SPM
BORGR_FCODEInb. Del. Tracking: Internal Error Codes for Dialog ControlLO-SPM
BORGR_EVENTSTable for Dialog Sychronization Two-Step GR AutomotiveLO-SPM
BORGR_UGROUPUser Groups Goods Receipt Dialog AutomotiveLO-SPM
BORGR_UGROUPTUser Groups Goods Receipt Dialog AutomotiveLO-SPM
BORGR_PROFOBJInbound Delivery Tracking: Subscreens of ObjectsLO-SPM
BORGR_PROFILEGoods Receipt Automotive: ProfilesLO-SPM
BORGR_PROF_SELGoods Receipt Automotive: Selection Conditions in ProfileLO-SPM

Full List of SAP Service Parts Management Tables

SAP Advanced Returns Management Tables

MSR_I_SEQMulti-step returns -sequence bundles stepsLO-ARM
MSR_I_STEPMulti-step returns - atomic unit of a returnsLO-ARM
MSR_I_CODEMulti-step returns - follow-up action from user perspectiveLO-ARM
MSR_C_CODEAdvanced Returns Management - Follow-Up ActivitiesLO-ARM
MSR_D_HEADAdvanced Returns Management - Tracking Header DataLO-ARM
MSR_D_ITEMAdvanced Returns Management - Tracking Item DataLO-ARM
MSR_C_ABGRURejection ReasonsLO-ARM
MSR_I_CHAINMulti-step returns - link between current state and plannedLO-ARM
MSR_I_SEQ_TMulti-step returns - associated text table to MSR_I_SEQLO-ARM
MSR_C_EXT_ROSettings for external Repair OrderLO-ARM

Full List of SAP Advanced Returns Management Tables

SAP ERP Logistik Integration Tables

TMS_C_SHPExt. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. SHPLO-INT
TMS_C_SLSExt.Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relevance SDLO-INT
TMS_C_TRAExt. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. TRALO-INT
TMS_C_PURExt. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. PURLO-INT
TMS_C_STOHOLSTO: Handover Loc depending on supply. plant & receiv. plantLO-INT
L2TC_COMP_EXPRaw exposure aggregation rulesLO-INT
TMS_C_CONTROLExt. Transport Management: Transfer ControlLO-INT
LOGTRM_RDP_ITMRisk Distribution Plan: ItemLO-INT
LOGTRM_RDP_HDRRisk Distribution Plan: HeaderLO-INT
TMBR_C_CST_DISMap Cond.Types in MM to Cond.Types in Agency BusinessLO-INT

Full List of SAP ERP Logistik Integration Tables