JavaScript – Primitive Datatypes

Primitive Datatypes are those which are represented directly at the lowest level of language implementation. There are six primitive datatypes in JavaScript. They are :

  • string
  • number
  • boolean
  • null
  • undefined
  • symbol

Primitive data types does not have any methods.

JavaScript provides wrapper objects for the primitive datatypes with methods implemented.

Primitive DatatypeWrapper Object

For the primitive datatypes : null, undefined : there are no Wrapper Objects.

Initialize variables with primitive values

JavaScript is a dynamic language.

  • Variables are not declared with a datatype.
  • A variable is not fixed to a single datatype.
  • A variable’s datatype changes with the value assigned to a variable.
  • To know a datatype of value that is stored in a variable, usetypeof variableName .
// primitive datatypes
      var a = 1; // number
      var b = 'Hello';  // string
      var c = true;  // boolean
      var d; // undefined
      var e = Symbol(54); // symbol
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Note: Null datatype has only one value and that is null. In JavaScript a null value represents a reference that points, generally intentionally, to a nonexistent or invalid object or address.


In this JavaScript TutorialPrimitive Datatypes, we have learnt about the different datatypes available, how to initialize a variable with one of them, and how to know a variable’s value datatype.