In this Informatica tutorial, you will learn about why Mapping Architect for Visio is used and what are the different Mapping Architect for Visio tools used for creating Mapping templates.

Mapping Architect for Visio

Mapping Architect for Visio is a Informatica PowerCenter client used to create mapping templates using Microsoft Office Visio. When working with a mapping template, you use the following Mapping Architect for Visio tools .

Informatica stencil : Informatica stencil displays shapes that represent PowerCenter mapping objects. To use a shape, Drag a shape from the Informatica stencil to the drawing window to add a mapping object to a mapping template.

Some of the tools that we find in Informatica Stencil are Source Definition, Target definition, Aggregator, Expression, Filter, Joiner, Lookup, Router, Rank, sorter, Source Qualifier, Sequence generator, Union, Transaction control, Application Source, Mapplet, Normalizer and many more.


Informatica toolbar : Informatica toolbar displays buttons for creating a mapping templated form mapping XML. It Contains the online help button, Validate, Publish, Arrange all button, Show parameters, Declare Parameter & variable buttons.

Validate : The mapping drawing is verified and validated suing validate button.

Publish : The Mapping template XML file and parameter file is created when publishing the drawing file.

Arrange all button : It aligns the mapping objects.

Show parameters : It displays the parameters that are created while creating the mapping template.

Declare parameter & variable :  Mapping parameters & variables are defined  and denoted as $$<ParameterName>.

Drawing window : Work area for the mapping template. Drag shapes from the Informatica stencil to the drawing window and set up links between the shapes. Set the properties for the mapping objects and the rules for data movement and transformation.


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