Target Designer in Informatica – Importing target table from database

Target Designer in Informatica allows us to modify the existing target table, create new target table and can import different target definitions like flat files, XML, .xls and so on.

How to Open Target Designer in Informatica?

Target Designer is one of the tools available in Informatica PowerCenter Designer. To open Target Designer in Informatica, open PowerCenter Designer | Tools | Target Designer.

Target Designer in Informatica - Import target table from database

How to import Target definition (table) from Database?

After creating source table using Source Analyzer, a target definition table must be created using Target designer tools. Both source and target tables are used in creating Mapping in Informatica. To create open Informatica PowerCenter Designer client component, and navigate to Tools menu | Target Designer | Targets | Import from Database.

Target Designer in Informatica - Import target table from database

To import target definition table, a ODBC connection must be established to the database. We already created Target ODBC connection (BATCH10AM), select the ODBC data source from the drop down menu and enter database login credentials like username and password.

  • Select ODBC data source as BATCH10AM_ODBC_Oracle.
  • Enter username as BATCH10AM.
  • Enter password.
  • Click on connect.
Target Designer in Informatica - Import target table from database

Click on Connect button, after connecting to database a list of all users and tables will be displayed. Select BATCH10AM user and select T_Employee from the tables as shown above.

  • Click on OK button and click on Save button from the repository.

Now all the columns available in the Target table (T_Employee) will be imported to the repository. Use drag and drop method to add target table to the workspace. Target flat files, delimited files and fixed width files can be imported using flat file import wizard using target designer in Informatica.