Node.js Mongoose Tutorial

Node.js Mongoose is a MongoDB object modeling tool designed to work in an asynchronous environment.

With the help of Mongoose, we can model our data.

For example consider that we are operating a store. Store has items. Each item could have properties : name, id, price, discount price, etc. With Mongoose we can model our items and do insertions or reads from the MongoDB Collection in terms of model objects, not bothering about the details of an object. Mongoose provides abstraction at Model level.

In this series of tutorials, we shall learn about Mongoose package, how to install it, and different operations that are available with MongoDB.


Mongoose Tutorial Index

  1. Tutorial – Mongoose Installation for the step by step process to install Mongoose package using npm.
  2. Tutorial – Mongoose – Connecting to MongoDB provides procedure to make a connection to MongoDB with an example
  3. Tutorial – Mongoose – Defining a Model
  4. Tutorial – Mongoose – Insert Single Document to MongoDB
  5. Tutorial – Mongoose – Insert Multiple Documents to MongoDB