Node.js Parse JSON

Node.js Parse JSON – For parsing JSON data in Node.js, we can use JSON.parse() function of JavaScript Engine.

Little information to use JSON Data

  • key:value  is the building block.
  • { }  contains an element.
  • [ ]  contains an array of elements.
  • An element can have multiplekey:value  pairs.
  • Value can be a simple value like number or string etc., or an element or an array.
  • Elements in an Array could be accessed using index
  • Multiplekey:value  pairs or elements are separated by comma

A Simple Example Node.js JSON Parsing Program

Following example helps you to use JSON.parse() function and access the elements from JSON Object.

Example – Node.js Parse JSON File

We shall read a File containing JSON data to a variable and parse that data.

Consider following JSON File, sample.json

Node.js JSON File Parsing Program

Run the above Node.js program.

Conclusion :

In this Node.js Tutorial – Node.js JSON File Parsing – we have learnt to parse JSON data from a variable or file using JSON.parse() function with the help of example Node.js programs.