Kotlin Tutorial – In this tutorial we shall learn about the typical structure of a Kotlin program with and example.

Basic Kotlin Program Example

Kotlin supports procedural programming, like C and C++, in addition to Object Oriented Programming(Classes and Methods). Using the following basic Kotlin program example, we shall make some useful observations.

“main” function is the entry point for a Kotlin program. Consider the following Kotlin program, HelloWorld.kt

Let us together make out some observations from the above three lines of Kotlin code:

  • The keyword “fun” is used to define a function.
  • We have only one function, i.e., “main” in the Kotlin program, HelloWorld.kt. Since main is the entry point for a Kotlin program, the program is compiled successfully and run successfully.
  • The entry “main” function can accept Array of Strings as an input (arguments) to the function, which are the inputs to the Kotlin program.
  • The arguments’ type is mentioned after the variable name separated by a colon.
  • The function body is enclosed in curly brackets.
  • There is no semicolon at the end of println statement to denote the end of statement. Kotlin compiler can make out the end of a statement with a new line or semicolon. So, semicolon is an optional means of ending a statement in Kotlin.

Conclusion :

With the help of this Kotlin Tutorial – Basic Kotlin Program Example, we have learnt about the basic building blocks and structure of a Kotlin Program.