Kotlin – Override Method

To override method of a Super class, define a function in the Child class with same definition as that of in Super class. Overriding a method of Super class is useful, when you need to change the default behaviour. Also note that only those functions that are open in Super class could be overridden.

Syntax – Kotlin Inheritance

The syntax to override method of a Parent class in Child class is

open class SuperClass(primary_constructor){
	open fun behaviour_1(){
	// common behaviour

class ChildClass(primary_constructor): SuperClass(primary_constructor_initialization){
	fun behaviour_1(){
	// custom behaviour overriding common behaviour

Note: The method to be overridden has to be open.


Example 1 – Override Method of Super Class in Kotlin

In the following example we shall define a super/parent class named Person, and child class named Student.


fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    var student_1 = Student("Arjun")

    println("\n\nAbout "+student_1.name+"\n---------------")

 * Person is a Super Class
open class Person(var role: String = "Person", var name: String = "X") {
    fun eat(){
        println(name + " is eating.")
    open fun sleep(){
        println(name + " is sleeping.")

 * Student class inherits Person class
class Student(name: String): Person("Student", name) {
    // activity function belongs to Student only
    fun activity(){
        println("$name is a $role. $name is studying in school.")

    // overrides sleep function of Person class
    override fun sleep(){
        println("$name is a $role. $name goes to bed early.")

    fun doAll(){

When the above program is run, you will get the following output.


About Arjun
Arjun is eating.
Arjun is a Student. Arjun goes to bed early.
Arjun is a Student. Arjun is studying in school.


In this Kotlin TutorialOverride Method of Super Class, we have learnt that the function that could be overridden has to be open, and the overriding function definition in Sub class has to be same as that of in Super class. We also saw a Kotlin Example to override method of super class.