How to Compare Strings in Kotlin – Kotlin Example

Kotlin Tutorial – Learn to Compare Strings in Kotlin. A Kotlin Example Program is provided for a better understanding.

We shall use  ==  operator for comparing two Strings in Kotlin. According to the documentation of Equality in Kotlin,  ==  operator is used for Structural Equality.

 a==b    is implicitly translated to     a?.equals(b) ?: (b === null)    by Kotlin language.

Make sure that the two values  a  and  b  are of type Strings. Else convert them to Strings before comparison.

Compare Strings in Kotlin – Kotlin Example Program

Scenario – Two strings are equal

Scenario – Two strings are not equal

Conclusion :

In this Kotlin Tutorial, we have learnt to Compare two Strings if they are equal with the help of a Kotlin Example Program.