In this tutorials, you will learn what is an info group in SAP and how to define infogroups in SAP HR step by step.

What is an info group in SAP HR

Grouping of relevant infotypes (list of infotypes) to perform a specific actions in SAP is called as infogroup. Actions will execute infotypes as per the info groups sequential order.

How to Define infogroups in SAP


SAP R/3 Role Menu User group dependency on menus and Info groups
Transaction code SPRO
SAP PathSPRO > Personnel Management (PM) > Personnel administration (PA) => Customizing procedures => Actions > Define infogroups.

Step 1 : – Execute tcode “SPRO” from SAP command field.

Transaction code SPRO- IMG

Step 2 : – Choose “Display SAP Reference IMG” (Or press function key F5).

customizing execute project IMG SAP

Step 3 : – From display IMG screen, follow the navigation path as PM > PA > Customizing Procedure > Actions and choose IMG activity define infogroups.

define infogroups SAP path

Step 4 : – Choose activity screen appears with three options, i.e.

  1. User group dependency on menus and Info groups
  2. Infogroup modifier
  3. Info group

Choose the first option “user group dependency on menus and info groups”

user group dependency SAP

Step 5 : – On change view User group dependency on menus and info groups overview screen for defining new infotype menu for infogroup in SAP.

create new infogroup in SAP HR

Step 6 : – From new entries inforgroup screen, enter the following required details.

  • Menu :- Enter the two digits key that defines as infotype menu in SAP – TK
  • Text : – Update the description of menu – TK Hiring Infogroup
  • User-dep : – By checking this user dependency check box, it implies that menu can be used for reference group 40.
  • Ref. : – Update the user reference groups as 40. Reference 40 refers to user group entered in user parameter node, this menu can be used for any reference group.
Define Infogroups in SAP HR

Press enter and click on save button to save the configured infogroup details. Similarly create other new infogroups as per requirements of project.

Define Info Group

Step 7 : – Now go to back choose activity screen, and double click the Info group option.

Info group SAP

On determine work area entry screen, update the info group key as “TH” and press enter to continue.

Info group work area

From change view “Info groups” overview screen, click on new entries button.

SAP Info group new entries

On new entries Info group screen, update the following details.

User groupNoOperationInfotypeSCInfotype textSubtype
4002INS0001Org. Assignment
4003INS0002Personal data

After maintaining all the required details for Info group, choose save icon for saving the configuration data.

Successfully we have defined new Infogroups in SAP HR.