How to define administrator groups in SAP HR

Learn step by step configuration procedure of defining new administrator groups in SAP HR module.

In SAP, you can maintain three types of administrators for every employee.

  1. PA administrator
  2. Time admiinistrator
  3. Payroll administrator

In SAP system, above three administrator groups are defaulted into a single group using PINCH feature.

Configuration steps

Refer below step by step configuration steps for creating a new administrator group in SAP HR.


SAP R/3 Role Menu Define new administrator group in SAP
Transaction Code PE03
SAP Menu PathSPRO > Personnel management > Personnel administration > Organizational data > Organizational assignment > Define administrator groups.

Step 1 :- Execute Tcode “SPRO” from command field.

Transaction code SPRO- IMG

Step 2 : – Choose “Display SAP Reference IMG” or press function key F5 from your keyboard.

customizing execute project IMG SAP

Step 3 : – From display IMG : SAP customizing implementation guide screen, follow the navigation menu PM > PA > Organizational data > Organizational assignment and choose img activity “define administrator groups”.

define administrator groups menu path

Step 4 : – From features initial screen, enter the new administrator group name in the given field of Feature. You are required to enter upto 5 digits key in the field. Now click on create (shift+f6) button for creating the new administrator groups in SAP.

Note : – If you don’t get below screen, execute transaction code “PE03” from SAP command field.

feature initial screen SAP

Step 5 : – From edit feature ADMIN: Attribute screen update the following details.

  • Title : – Enter the descriptive title of administrator group in SAP.
  • Feature : – Under this field, update the responsible person’s SAP user id, choose the option changes only by person responsible if required. By choosing this option, only assigned responsible person are allowed to change any feature activities.
  • Structure/ field name : – Update the responsible person user id and check the option “changes only by person responsible”. If you check this option, responsible person is only allowed to change structures and field names in SAP.
Define Administrator Groups in SAP HR

Click on save button and save the configured details.

Successfully we have defined new administrator groups in SAP HR.