What is an Infotype in SAP HR

In SAP, infotype is an information table which stores logical related data. Infotypes are specially designed only for SAP HR module. It denotes as an information type, the data for the employees would be maintained in info types.

Standard SAP R/3 system delivers various infotypes which can be used to maintain different data for the employees separately in different info types. Technically info type denotes as logical grouping of data fields which are used to store the information of employees in SAP.

Characteristics of Infotype

  • Info type stores the data in a table for a specific period of time, means when you create a object with the dates from 01.04.2010 to 31.03.2020, you can view the object up to 31st March, 2017.
  • The data will not be deleted and you can view the objects by changing the date.
  • Every infotype is defined with four character numerical key with long text.

Infotype Validity Periods

Validity period of time is used to denote the time period for information stored in infotype. Every infotype would have a start date and end date. In some cases infinity date is used for infotypes wherever end data can not be predetermined.

Infotype Subtypes

Some infotypes can have a sub types, which is used to denote sub infotype. Subtype refers as the further classification of an infotype in SAP.

Types of Infotypes

The different types of infotypes area

  1. SAP Standard infotype
  2. Customer Specific infotype
Infotypes - what is an infotype in sap

SAP standard Infotype : – Standard SAP infotypes are the infotypes which are delivered by standard SAP system. Standard infotypes comes with predefined settings which are used to maintain employees information. Standard infotypes can be divided into two categories

  • International infotypes : – This international infotypes can be used for all countries.
  • Country Specific infotypes : -This types of infotypes are only used in specific countries, this infotypes are used in payroll process.

Customer Specific Info type : – You can create custom infotype as per requirements of project. This infortypes are used by SAP HR – ABAP consultants.

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