What is Personnel Subarea ?

Personnel subarea in SAP is a further division of personnel area. Personnel subarea can be a department or branch office based on the company business process.

Technical field name of personnel subarea is “BRTL”.


SAP R/3 Role MenuDefine Personnel Subareas
Transaction Code SPRO
SAP IMG PathSPRO => SAP Reference IMG => Definition => Human Resources Management => Personnel Subareas.

Configuration values

Personnel subareaDescription
TKBGBangalore -Subarea
TKHYHyderabad – Subarea
TKVZVizag – Subarea

How to define personnel subarea in SAP

Refer below step by step configuration procedure for creation of new personnel subarea in SAP system.

Step 1 : – Execute Tcode “SPRO” and SAP command field.

Transaction code SPRO- IMG

Step 2 : – From display IMG screen, follow the menu navigation and choose img activity “personnel subareas”.

Personnel Subareas SAP menu path

Step 3 : – A choose activity window appears on the screen with the two options i.e.

  1. Copy, delete, check personnel subarea
  2. Create personnel subareas.

If you like to create new personnel subarea in SAP, double click on the option “create personnel subareas”. To copy or delete existing personnel subarea, choose the first option for any changes as per your requirements.

personnel subareas activity SAP

A popup window determine work area entry opens, enter the personnel area key in the  field work area and press enter.

personnel area work entry SAP

Step 4 : – From change view personnel area/subarea overview screen, click on new entries button to create new personnel subarea in SAP.

personnel area - personnel subarea SAP

Step 5 : – In the next screen, personnel subarea new entries screen, update the following details.

  • Personnel subarea :– Enter the four digits key that identifies as personnel subarea in SAP
  • Pers. subarea text : – Enter the description of personnel subarea.
define personnel subarea in SAP

After maintaining personnel subareas in SAP, click on save button and save the details. Now you get a message as “Data was saved”.

SAP data was saved

Successfully we have defined personnel subarea in SAP HR.