How to define document types for Purchase requisition (PR) in SAP MM

In SAP, purchase requisitions are maintained as documents and you can group purchase requisitions into any number of document types in SAP. The document type enables the controlling functions and reporting purpose. It also differentiate the various types of purchase requisitions.

Note : – Number range should be assigned in a document types for purchase requisition.

The important control functions of document type are

  • Define the item interval
  • Define allowed item categories
  • Define link PR – document type
  • Maintain field selections
  • Controlling release procedure at header level.

Configuration steps

You can define document types for purchase requisition in SAP by using the following configuration steps.

Transaction codeSPRO
Menu PathIMG > Material Management > Purchasing > Purchase requisition > Define document types.

Step 1 : – Execute t-code “SPRO” in the command field from SAP easy access screen.

Transaction code SPRO- IMG

Step 2 : – Choose “SAP reference IMG”

customizing execute project IMG SAP

Step 3 : – Follow the navigation path and execute img activity “Define document types” as shown below image.

Define document types for PR SAP path

Step 4 : – From document types purchase requisition change, you can create new document types either by using copy as function or choosing new entries function.

Choose standard document type “NB” and then click on copy as option.

Document types purchase requisition SAP

Step 4 : – In next screen, update the following details.

  • Type : – Rename the document type NB to new document type key as per your organization requirements.
  • Document type description : – Update the descriptive text of an document types for purchase requisition.
  • Item Interval :  – Item interval denotes the purchase requisition interval, if the item interval is 10 then the PR line item number will be 10, 20, 30, 40 and so on. If item interval is 1, then the PR line item number will be 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.
  • NoRgeInt : – Update the number range interval for purchase requisition for internal assignment
  • NoRge Ext : – Update the number ranges interval key for purchase requisition for external assignment.
Define Document Types for Purchase Requisition in SAP

After maintaining all the required details, press enter to continue.

Step 5 : – Click on “copy all” option to copy the entries from old document type NB to new document type RMPR.

Specify object to be copied SAP

Now you get a message as “Number of dependent entries copied”

Copied information SAP

Step 6 : – Now select the document type “RMPR” and double click on “allowed item categories” which is under document types.

allowed item categories SAP

Step 7 : – Now choose the required item categories and delete other unwanted item categories. Item categories defines the type of procurement. After you choose item for delete, click on delete option and choose all entries option.

delete document type item categories SAP

Step 8 : – Choose item category and double click on link purchase requisition – document type.

link purchase requisition - document type SAP

Now link the purchase requisition to document type with required details and save the configure data.

link Document Types for Purchase Requisition SAP

Successfully we have defined document types for purchase Requisition in SAP MM module.