How to define screen layout at document level in SAP MM

You need to define screen layout at document level in SAP for specifying the input attributes of fields selection groups by using field selection keys. This are used for external purchase documents and PR.

Field selection key specifies whether the field is

  1. Mandatory field for input
  2. Optional field for input
  3. Only display field (input entry is not possible, only displays data)
  4. Suppressed (Field is hidden and not possible to entry and display).

It is mandatory to assign field selection group to purchase requisition document type. As per requirements of clients, it is recommended to define one field selection for one PR document type and assign vice versa.

Configuration steps – Screen Layout at document level

You can define screen layout at document level in SAP using the following navigation method.

Transaction codeSPRO
SAP IMG PathIMG > Material Management > Purchasing > Purchase requisition > Define screen layout at document level.

Perform the following steps to define input attribute fields in SAP for document.

Step 1 : – Execute t-code “SPRO” in command field from SAP easy access screen.


Step 2 : – Choose “SAP Reference IMG” from customizing execute project screen.

SAP Reference IMG - mac

Step 3 : – Follow the navigation menu path Material Management – Purchasing – Purchase requisition and choose img activity “define screen layout at document level”.

Screen Layout at Document Level menu path

Step 4 : – On change view “Screen layout: purchase requisition” overview screen, you can create new screen layout by using new entries function or copy as function. Choose the standard field selection “NBB” and click on copy as icon. So all the entries field selection are copied to new screen layout field selection and you can modify as per requirements.

Screen layout purchase requisition new entries

Step 5 : – On change view “Screen layout: purchase requisition”: details of selected screen, rename the field selection group from NBB to RMPR (name as per requirements of project) and press enter.

Screen layout: purchase requisition detailed SAP

Step 6 :  – Now double click on field selection group RMPR.

SAP field selection group

Step 7 : – On Maintain table T162: field selection groups, Double click on field selection keys i.e. Basic data, supplying plant, quantity & price,, GR/IR control, etc and maintain the required details.

Field Selection key - SAP

Choose the required fields for field keys with required entry or optional entry or display options as per requirements.

Define Screen Layout at Document Level SAP

After maintaining all the required details, choose save icon and save the configured field selection group details.

For document type purchase requisition RMPR assign field selection group as RMPR as shown below screen shot.

Document type - field selection group SAP

Successfully we have defined screen layout at document level in SAP MM.