SAP MM Material Master

In SAP MM modules, material master data refer to all the material master records, which are stored in SAP system. The material master is the central source of information for a material related to several application area (Purchasing, storage, accounting, sales, etc) based on material type. In SAP MM, material master data is maintained at plant level and accounting information is maintained at valuation area level.The  valuation are is an organization level at which material are valuated. The valuation are can be be a plant or a company code.

With reference to material management module, the business users in purchase department maintains the following material master data.

Material Master Records


Material master records contains the information of a materials that an organization purchases, manufactures and sells a product. When you are creating material master record in SAP, the following first screen that appears. Transaction code to create material is “MM01”.

SAP MM Material Master Data

Vendor Master Record

Vendor master record contains the information about vendors – address, financial data, payment terms, purchasing data like currency, order value. Vendor master record is maintained by both purchasing department and accounting department.

Purchase Info Records

Purchase info records is a combination of material master record and vendor master record, it consists the detailed information about materials and vendor supplying the required materials. Types of info records are

  • Standard
  • Pipeline
  • Consignment
  • Subcontract

Source list record

Source list is a type of master data that determines the source of supply for a material, it list the preferred sources from which the material can be procured.

Quota arrangement record

Quota arrangement is a method that determines the part of the materials that can be procured from a specific source.