How to Assign Company Code to Company in SAP

In this SAP tutorial you will learn procedure to assign company code to company in SAP. After successfully creation of company code and company in SAP, you need to assign company code company in SAP system.

Why Assignment

The link between company and company code in SAP is established through a assignment of company code to company.

Configuration steps

You can assign by using one of the navigation method or transaction code.

  • Navigation: – SPROIMG – Enterprise Structure – Assignment – Financial Accounting  – Assign company code to company
  • Transaction code : – OX16

Step 1) Enter Transaction code “OX16” in the SAP command field and press enter to continue.

SAP Transaction code OX16

Step 2) On change view “Assign company code -> Company”:Overview screen, click on position button and give your company code key. Now your company code displays at the window.

Assign Company Code to Company overview screen

Step 3) Now update your company key “TKART” in the given field.

Step 4) After assignment of company code to company, click on save button and save the configured data.

Successfully we have assigned company code “TK01” to company code “TKART” in SAP systems.