How to Create Godowns / Location in Tally

Godowns is a location where stock items are stored safely. In Tally, the reports of stock items can be prepared as per Godowns.

You can create Godowns in Tally (location) by using two methods, i.e.

  1. Single Godowns
  2. Multiple Godowns

Before creation of multiple Godowns in tally, you need to set “Yes” for Maintain multiple Godowns in F11: Features.  Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > Inventory Feature.

Maintain multiple Godowns in Tally

How to Create Single Godown

Step 1: From Gateway of Tally, under masters choose the option Inventory Info.

Inventory Info in tally

Step 2: Under inventory Info, choose Godowns option to create Godowns in Tally as per requirements of a company.

Godowns in Tally

Step 3: Under single Godown, click on create option to create single Godown in Tally.

Create single godown in tally

Step 4: In next screen GoDown creation, enter the following details.

  • Name: Enter the name of Godown, you can the name of Godown as the location name where it has been located.
  • Under: Enter under which godown comes
  • After entering the details press enter and press Y or enter to accept the configured Godown in tally.
Creation of single godown in tally

For our example, here we created a new Godown with name “Amravathi” under Primary.

How to Create Multiple Godowns in Tally

Now learn how to create multiple Godowns in tally step by step.

Step 1: Gateway of Tally > Inventory info > Godowns and click on create under multiple Godowns.

Create multiple Godowns in Tally

Step 2:In next screen multi godown creation, enter the following details.

  • Name: Enter name of Godown / location name
  • Under: Choose “Primary”
How to Create Multiple Godowns in Tally

After updating all the Godowns / locations in tally, choose yes to accept the data in Tally.